In 2018, cPanel and longterm partner CloudLinux began offering Imunify360 as a featured comprehensive security product. With cPanel & WHM Version 82 and 84, we are now integrating ImunifyAV into all cPanel & WHM servers.

We have spent years working extensively with the development teams at CloudLinux on a variety of products. The Imunify Security development team is highly responsive, and after reviewing test results, we decided it was a tool we wanted to provide to all cPanel customers.

What is ImunifyAV?

“ImunifyAV helps you keep your websites free of malware.” – Imunify Security

Imunify360 is a product set from our industry partner CloudLinux and will provide all customers with the most effective malware detection solution in the industry. ImunifyAV is part of a suite of tools created by our friends over at CloudLinux.

These tools are aimed at preventing compromises on websites hosted on your server and helping to ease the repair in the event of a compromise. 

Integrating ImunifyAV will give cPanel & WHM the benefit of automatic scans of hosted websites, alerting for infection with malware. If any of the websites are found to have malware on it, users of the free ImunifyAV will receive notification through the ImunifyAV control panel in the Files tab. For users that upgrade to ImunifyAV+, the option to receive an email notification to the control panel’s administrator email address is available. If any malware is discovered, ImunifyAV provides cPanel users the choice to either clean the infection themselves (with ImunifAV provided instructions) or upgrade to ImunifyAV+ to have the infection removed automatically by the software. In addition to ImunifyAV, hosting providers can choose to move to Imunify360, which is the only multi-layer proactive defense suite for web hosting, and purchasable directly from your WHM interface. 

cPanel & WHM Partner Flexibility with ImunifyAV

While much of the actual development work won’t happen until later this year, we have already defined a few goals for this integration. Our hosting and license Partners may already have agreements with CloudLinux directly or might be offering a different malware scanning and removal tool. To respect that, Partners will be given the option to offer ImunifyAV to their customer base. Using an opt-out system in their portal, Partners will be able to disable the automatic installation of ImunifyAV if they so desire. Additionally, Partners will be able to point the Call to Action to upgrade to Imunify360 to their own shopping cart. 

If you have any questions about ImunifyAV or Imunify360 or want to discuss with us further, please join us on our Slack or Discord channels, or subscribe to our official cPanel Subreddit!