cPanel continues to move towards a more modern user interface framework to provide the best product experience possible. That’s why we are going to start shifting away from Internet Explorer 11, starting with Version 88. This change not only offers a better user experience, but it also allows us to be more efficient in our development process. We are encouraging cPanel Partners and users to discontinue the use of IE11 as their primary web browser of choice when using cPanel & WHM and move to a more modern browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Updating the cPanel & WHM UI/UX Framework

To keep our User Interface and User Experience (UX) up-to-date with more modern standards, cPanel has been moving to various newer frameworks (such as Angular) to stay current with our UI technology and remain flexible in improving those frameworks in Version 88 and beyond.

The actual user impact is minimal, and the only action you need to take is to switch to an alternate web browser. Over time, applications within cPanel & WHM will no longer function when using IE11, and you may experience unexpected behaviors or the inability to use certain features.

Browsers Supported in cPanel Version 88

We recommend updating your browser to one that supports more modern frameworks. You can find information on how to download and install these browsers at their respective locations:

Still have questions?

If you are unsure of what these changes will bring, or want some further information, please feel free to join us on our various social media channels including Discord, our official cPanel Subreddit, or the cPanel Support Forums!