Greetings again, I am Phil King, the Product Owner of the Angry Llama Scrum team, which is actively working on IPv6.

Here is a link to a brief demo of the IPv6 features we have completed to date. Our focus thus far has been on enabling IPv6 on website content.

Our IPv6 work is currently targeted for cPanel WHM version 11.40.

Currently, we are working on tools to better handle multiple IPv6 ranges or subnets. This will enable the customers that want to break up a large allocation (e.g., a /64) into smaller ranges, and also assists the customer that gets only a handful of IPv6 addresses.
ย As soon as we are finished with this feature, we will be publishing a test build to I will provide more details on this as we get closer to that date.

With a few months of development time before our internal 11.40 deadline, now would be a great opportunity to let me know which features you would like to see next. The linked Google spreadsheet below lists upcoming features. For each feature, you can let me know how you’d feel if the feature were present, and how you’d feel if the feature were absent.

And I leave you with these questions. Take a look at your most heavily populated servers. How many users are there? How many bound IPv4 addresses do you have currently? And are your servers prepared for each of those users to have a dedicated bound IPv6 address?