In case you’re new here, we try to do a cPanel Development update once every month. July has been a roller-coaster of a month for us, but it’s ending at the top of the hill. Let’s talk about the new stuff, the old stuff, and some fun stuff.

Version 66

The biggest excitement of the month was getting version 66 out the door to CURRENT on Monday. We were originally scheduled to push cPanel & WHM version 66 to CURRENT on July 5th, but we were pushed back by the DCV updates, the Security Release (TSR-2017-0004), and by some defects that we felt were blockers to moving to a production tier.  Just before we went to CURRENT with v66 we published a blog post about some recent improvements to the backup system. If you haven’t yet, you should take a look.

The v66 Release Site goes over some of the highlights of this version. If the summary isn’t your cup of tea, you can read the full v66 release notes, too.

EOL: v58, and soon v64, v56, and v60

There’s quite a few versions of cPanel & WHM reaching EOL in the next few months. Let’s give them a quick run-down.

  • July 31st: cPanel & WHM version 58
  • October 31st: cPanel & WHM versions 56 & 60
  • As soon as version 66 reaches STABLE: cPanel & WHM version 64

If you’ve forgotten about the LTS changes that we announced last year, you might find the inclusion of version 64 in this list a little shocking, but not to fear! v64 won’t leave us until v66 hits the STABLE tier.

In March CentOS 5 reached its End of Life with RedHat, and we had originally scheduled version 56 to reach End of Life shortly thereafter in May of 2017. It was our goal to discontinue support of CentOS 5, CloudLinux 5, and all 32bit operating systems. We announced in April of 2017 that we would be extending support until October 31st, to give our users more time to migrate.  At the same time, v60 will reach its normal 1-year EOL. If you’re curious, you can read more about our EOL and LTS policies in the cPanel Documentation.

EasyApache 3 Deprecation

As of late last year, EasyApache 3 is no longer in what would be called “active development”. That means we are no longer building new features for it, and that we only ship security updates. EasyApache 3 is currently scheduled for deprecation early in 2018. We will send out a notification giving providers at least three months notice prior to official deprecation. After that, though, EasyApache 3 will no longer receive any updates.

If you’re still using EasyApache 3 for a specific reason, and there’s something holding you back from moving to EasyApache 4, I want to hear from you! Comment below or send me an email.

Sponsorships and Appearances

If you’re looking to pick up some swag, or just come say “Hi!”, there are a few places to find us in the next few months.

cPanel is Sponsoring all of these events, and will be well represented at all of them. Most of the cPanel Partner Account Management team will be at WHD.USA September 11th and 12th in Las Vegas as well. If you don’t yet have your 20th Anniversary sticker, you need to find one of us and pick one up while you can! As always, find me on twitter or email me if you have any questions at all.


Today’s Dev Update was composed to the oldie, but goodie, El Oso album by Soul Coughing.