How cPanel’s sleek new interface paves the way for increased productivity across the web hosting industry. 


When cPanel launched their new interface Jupiter in 2022, their vast portfolio of partners and customers, many of which are web hosting industry heavy hitters, were faced with the question of whether to become early adopters. New interfaces, while often polished and modern, have also been known to occasionally introduce more problems than they initially solve. Yet, when it comes to Jupiter, industry players like SeekaHost had a different experience: 

“We now have all our servers on Jupiter, and we didn’t receive a single complaint!” 

A new UI, a new beginning? 

Jupiter replaces Paper Lantern, which has been the standard cPanel interface since 2014. As with any UI, users become accustomed to the layout and features, internalizing the interface and becoming resistant to change. No interface can realistically sustain its same level of practicality for more than a few good years, however. Design trends emerge, accessibility problems become apparent, and other issues arise which can reveal that it’s time for a change.

cPanel began surveying partners and users, large and small, across the industry to collect as much feedback as possible about Jupiter. Although the announcement of our new UI was met with some skepticism, the fact that cPanel truly listened to this feedback and implemented it into the product resulted in the early adopters of the UI reaping many benefits.  

Does “modern” have to be “different?” 

Oftentimes, the answer is a simple and resounding “yes.” The tech industry exists in a constant state of adapting and refinement, it’s simply the nature of the beast.  

SeekaHost has been working with cPanel, with dozens of licenses under management, since 2019. Their head of operations, Gowdham Subramaniam, states: 

“cPanel is a major advantage because the interface is easy to use and comes with many features. For example, everything is under a single click. There are a lot of integration options for third-party applications, and we even have the option to create our own addons and features, which is an added advantage…that helped us grow along with cPanel.” 

Yet when it was time to make the shift to Jupiter, SeekaHost was hesitant. Unsure of the user feedback they would receive, and not wanting to overload their support team, they knew it was important to provide the smoothest transition possible for their customers. 

“We didn’t switch over quickly because we wanted to test everything and make sure our clients wouldn’t face any issues themselves. We are technically strong, but the basic client may not be prepared for a switch. Most customers want to focus on growing their business and they don’t want to take time to learn something new on the web or handle any drastic changes. That’s not their priority.” 

SeekaHost ultimately received positive feedback from their testing teams about Jupiter and opted to initially begin upgrading their WordPress servers. When no issues arose, they moved on to their other server types; everything proceeded without a single complaint from any user. 

The results 

By beginning with collecting, and listening to, the vast amount of feedback received from partners and users prior to beginning work on Jupiter, cPanel was able to stay ahead of the curve and launch a new interface that exceeded the expectations of even the most skeptical industry veterans.  

Jupiter delivers improved speed, functionality, and customization features while also being the ultimate way to support optimized daily use of cPanel, including: 

  • Improved accessibility 
  • An optimized welcome experience, including one-click WordPress installation 
  • WHM Favorites, which allows users to fully customize a menu of their favorite features and functionalities
  • Expanded search, powered by an improved algorithm
  • Simplified customization capabilities 
  • Improved mobile experience 
  • Redesigned layout for faster one-click navigation 
  • So much more! 

Start taking advantage of everything Jupiter has to offer your customers. Paper Lantern retires soon, migrate to Jupiter today!