One of the concerns that came up in feedback from my “Pluginology 101” presentation at cPanel Conference 2013, as well as the live lab that followed, was that more training is needed regarding the basics of plugin development. Well, we’ve listened and we’re going to give it to you in a series of upcoming events!

On December 17, join us for a free webinar on plugin development. We’ll review the overall process, look at use cases, and talk about some of the basic tools in our API that you can use. Afterward, we’ll provide downloadable code samples that you can use as a starting point for your own work.

Another free webinar is planned for January 14, where we’ll explore plugin development in greater depth and study one of our most common use cases. We’ll also show code, which you can download later.

These two webinars lead up to an exclusive event on February 21—the cPanel Plugin Hackfest. We’ll invite developer attendees to come to Houston with their plugin work, spend time with cPanel’s Integrations Team and developers, and get their plugins written and tested. No ties allowed! The Hackfest is an invitation and developer-only event and will focus solely on writing and debugging plugin code.

To attend the webinar on December 17, register using the link below. During each webinar, we’ll provide a link through which you can express interest in attending the Hackfest. However, please note that if you’re not a developer, then you won’t get much value out of this event.

We’re very excited about these upcoming events and, if your organization is looking to develop a plugin for cPanel & WHM software, you should be too. It’s time for “Less Talk…More Code” at the cPanel Plugin Hackfest!

Register for the December 17 webinar