Email is an incredibly important medium for communication, whether it’s used for staying in touch with friends or for business marketing purposes. However, the sheer quantity of spam that exists in the emailsphere can be overwhelming, sometimes turning the emails you actually want to see into needles in a haystack.

This issue of course affects all of us, but with v104 we’re introducing some new features to help combat overall inbox fatigue. These features were crafted around feedback we received from you, with an eye towards significantly improving your email experience.

Three great new email features in cPanel version 104

Junk mail auto-purge
One of the biggest complaints we hear from users is simply the time it takes to manually clear out all of the unwanted junk emails they receive. So now the server owner can quickly and easily set junk mailboxes to automatically purge all emails over 30 days old. No more infinite scrolling and clicking to get rid of those old unwanted emails. Learn more here.

Spam marking
Working hand-in-hand with the junk mail auto-purge is a new intelligent spam marking functionality. This provides a button in Roundcube that allows the user to mark and unmark spam (and non-spam), which then assists in teaching the system which messages are spam. As the system learns over time, the user will be presented with less and less spam. Learn more about spam marking here.

Dark mode
One of our most requested features is dark mode for Roundcube. We’re very happy to now announce its availability! be sure to check out the full documentation here and the official Roundcube release details here.

Upgrade to v104 today!

Start taking advantage of these great new mail features today by upgrading to v104, if you haven’t already!

As always, if you have any feedback or comments, please let us know. We are here to help in the best ways we can. Youโ€™ll find us on Discord, the cPanel forums, and Reddit. Be sure to also follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.