The internet  is a crazy, amazing, and magical place filled with interesting ideas and endless opportunities. Companies like Netflix, Facebook, and of course cPanel, have come into existence through early curiosity and competition around this space.  Entirely new enterprises have been created that have completely changed the way that we consume and exchange information. And the internet will continue to change at a rate that is faster than we can even fathom.

We’ve entered an exciting time. We’re not sure what the internet will look like 5 years from now and we’ve no concept of how our lives will change because of it. What we do know, however, is that any attempt to control or throttle the free exchange of information will compromise the innovation and creativity the open internet has provided.

Enter Net Neutrality

The core belief  behind net neutrality is  that we must preserve  the free and open exchange of information  as we know it. That means protecting the space where a grumpy faced cat has more social equity and backlinks than a billionaire. A place where outsiders are the insiders. A place where consumers and creators have access to one another without fear of third-party meddling.

In the US some internet service providers are lobbying to have the neutrality of internet access compromised. While they have stated that they do not plan to use the proposed changes in the ways we fear they will, we are leery.

Battle for the Net

At cPanel, we are in full support of the open internet and net neutrality. We proudly stand as one of the thousands of companies banding together in support of net neutrality, today and every day.

We encourage everyone to participate in today’s Day of Action. The internet belongs to all of us — and that should never change.

Join the cause and head to and join the resistance.