It’s nearly November already, and that means it’s time for another Development Update! If you’re curious, you can look back at the old ones, all posted on this blog.


60 should be going to RELEASE this week. EA4 (EasyApache 4) improvements, increased security, code optimizations, website speed improvements, all rolled into just one release. If you haven’t taken a look yet, you definitely should! The release site is chock-full of pretty information, and the release notes are an excellent source of information about every little thing we’ve changed or added.

Planning for 62

Version 62 has been getting work done for about a month (or maybe a little more). There’s a lot of things that are going in, but this specific release cycle is a bit shorter, so it won’t have as many new shiny features. There’s a lot of improvements, though, and tons of things I want to mention. We’ll start with a smaller list:

  • The cPanel Market Provider expansion to include OV and EV certificate purchases
  • A new Amazon AMI for both CentOS and CloudLinux (and a plan to keep them updated and working)
  • FastCGI support for EasyApache 4
  • MySQL-less cPanel & WHM servers, making it easier to cluster many cPanel servers to a single MySQL server

Like I said, this development cycle is pretty short, and we’re hoping to release version 62 in early 2017. As we get closer, we’ll talk about the new features in greater detail.

Deprecation updates

Some reminders on things that I want to make sure you’re all seeing!

  • EA3 support has been extended through version 62 (but converting to EA4 will likely be required in order to upgrade to version 64).
  • X3 support has been removed as of version 60, and we’re starting discussions internally for the plan to drop support for the legacy style of Paper Lantern. Do you want to see it stick around? Let me know below!
  • ImageMagick support is deprecated in version 60 and removed in version 62. If you are an integrator for cPanel or WHM you will want to make sure your code still works.
  • If you’re still on CentOS 5 or a 32-Bit operating system the last version of cPanel you can run (version 56) will reach End of Life in around 6 months.

Random good things

There are a lot of other random things going on right now, too!

  • I’m running a poll over on the feature request site about inviting more feedback on newly submitted features. Definitely vote on it.
  • I’m going to be in San Francisco at CMX Summit this week. Are you in the area? Let me know!

One last good thing, if you’ve made it this far. We’re considering hiring another Community Manager here at cPanel. Are you interested, and think you’ve got the chops? Feel free to apply! As always, comment below, find me on twitter or reddit, or send me an email if you have any questions!