We’ve added greater flexibility to how cPanel users can manage, protect, and administer email addresses on their mail server. You can now suspend or queue the outgoing mail from a single email account on your server. In case you’re not already familiar with the full administrative capabilities of Webmail, here’s a short run down:

  • Receive Notifications of Send Limits. Get alerts about accounts that are sending massive amounts of emails by entering Tweak Settings and setting a rate limit.
  • Suspend an Account. Prohibit access to an account, prevent login access, and temporarily embargo incoming mail with the suspension features located within the Email Accounts section of the cPanel interface.
  • Terminate an Account. Completely remove a mail account and all of its corresponding data from your machine.

The Latest Update: Suspending Outgoing Mail from a Single Mail Account 

The primary benefit to this update is that cPanel administrators can easily isolate and halt suspicious outgoing mail without eliminating the ability for their users to do other essential Webmail functions. This means users can still queue up outgoing mail, as well as still receive incoming mail until their administrators resolve any pending issues.

Prevent Outgoing Spam from Webmail Accounts

Head over to the Email Accounts section of the cPanel interface and check out this update. Be sure to share this post or leave a message in the comments to let us know what you think.

Need more information about this feature? Check out our documentation site to learn more.