Latest Update: The EasyApache team has pushed the release of a new version to early 2014. Please follow cPanel Blog and the Forums for further updates.


The EasyApache team tentatively plans to release a new version on Monday December 9th, 2013 that includes the removal of the software mentioned in this post as well as the addition of our PHP 5.2 and FrontPage opt mods.


We are fast approaching the removal of Apache 1.3/2.0, PHP 5.2, and mod_frontpage from EasyApache. As mentioned in Introducing EasyApache’s Optimal Profiles, these End of Life items will no longer be available in EasyApache by the end of 2013.

These items will be removed for the following reasons:

  • They are no longer supported by their respective developers.
  • They include known CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures).
  • EasyApache provides the most up-to-date, supported versions of Apache (2.2/2.4) and PHP (5.4/5.5).

Keep in mind that viable alternatives to mod_frontpage exist, such as WebDAV and FTP. Also, PHP 5.2 and mod_frontpage will be available as custom modules (“opt mods”).

In short, please be mindful of these impending EasyApache removals and be sure to post any questions in the comments section below.