All good things must come to an end. In version 11.42, we will remove several deprecated service update scripts from cPanel & WHM. These scripts have been deprecated since version 11.36. Because of this, system administrators should make certain that they have already updated any cronjobs or other dependencies that might include them. Otherwise, you may be depending on out-of-date or broken scripts to perform important service-related tasks on your server.

What’s the difference between deprecated and removed?
Parts of cPanel & WHM that have been deprecated may remain in the product for one or more versions following their deprecation, but are no longer supported. On the other hand, a removed item has been completely taken out of our product and will no longer function in any capacity.

Removed Service Update Scripts
The following service scripts’ functions are now performed through the rpm.versions system. The check_cpanel_rpms script ensures that RPMs for each of the services below are up-to-date whenever you update your server.

  • /scripts/bandminup — This script updated Bandmin. Bandmin is a set of Perl scripts that monitor and log bandwidth usage by IP address.
  • /scripts/courierup — This script updated the Courier mail server.
  • /scripts/dovecotup — This script updated the Dovecot mail server.
  • /scripts/eximup — This script updated the Exim mail transfer agent.
  • /scripts/ftpup — This script updated FTP services. This could be either Pure-FTPd or ProFTPd, depending on your FTP server settings.
  • /scripts/imapup — This script updated the IMAP mail server.
  • /scripts/mydnsup — This script updated MyDNS packages.
  • /scripts/mysqlup — This script updated MySQL.
  • /scripts/nameserverup — This script updated the BIND nameserver.
  • /scripts/nsdup — This script updated NSD.

Additional Removed Script
The following script, which was not replaced by the rpm.versions system, will also be removed.

  • /scripts/checksyspkgsetup