If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been working on overhauling our development documentation pretty heavily.  We have a ton of great ways to integrate with cPanel but until recently, no information on how to use them.  Starting this week, every week I will be posting about what new articles we’ve added to this documentation along with why you should know about these features.

Past couple of weeks I personally have been trying to focus on how to extend the cPanel interface.  How to add new interfaces to it and different ways of creating these interfaces.  Specifically I have added two sections; WHM Plugins and cPanel PHP.

WHM Plugins – These are extension to the cPanel interface and probably about the most straight-forward integration that cPanel provides.  These are just regular CGI scripts with a couple of comments to control how they work

cPanel PHP – In this document we talk about how to use PHP in the cPanel interface along with how PHP and cpanel’s APIs can live together in a single file.  This is also another “simple” form of integration that is worth a read for anyone looking to develop custom applications for their users to use.