“I dare somebody to go to Atlanta and not have a good time”

-Bryan Tyree Henry

WebPros Summit 2019 is here. We’re on the road and in Atlanta, Georgia. This year promises to be the most exciting and diverse conference yet. If you haven’t done so, make sure you head on over to the WPS 2019 website to register and come join us!

Nestled in the northern portion of the great southern state of Georgia is the bustling metropolis known as Atlanta, or as it is more commonly called, “The ATL.” Atlanta began as a terminus for a major state-sponsored railroad and became a hub for transportation. During the Civil War, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman nearly burned Atlanta entirely to the ground during his famous March to the Sea. Eventually, Atlanta rose from the ashes to become the “New South” center of commerce and capital. This era of the city of Atlanta made up the plotline of the cinematic classic, “Gone with the Wind.” During the Civil Rights Era of the ’50s and ’60s, Dr. Martin Luther King and Ralph David Abernathy (among many others) began organizing their movements in Atlanta. 

I’m headin’ down the Atlanta Highway

(Word of caution- these links are to music videos for the respective artist, and could be NSFW)

In many ways similar to Houston, Atlanta has spawned a culturally diverse mix of music genres. From soul to R&B to hip-hop and rock, a large number of iconic musicians call Atlanta home. Hip-hop duo and self-proclaimed “ATLiens” Outkast, Actor/Rapper (and restauranteur) Ludacris, best selling American female group TLC, and of course legendary singer/songwriter Ray Charles all hail from the Atlanta area. If rock music is more up your alley, 70’s rock revivalists Black Crowes, crooner John Mayer, and concept-album metal giants Mastodon all hail from the area. I would be remiss without mentioning my personal favorites; Killer Mike of Run the Jewels, hip hop group Arrested Development, pop-punks Cartel and chaotic-hardcore legends, Norma Jean.

Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind

Atlanta is considered the cultural hub of “The South,” so one can only assume the cuisine of the south permeates throughout the city. What sort of food is Atlanta known for? Georgia is known as “The Peach State,” and for a good reason. Before Georgia even became a state, Franciscan Monks introduced peaches to the St. Simons and Cumberland Islands regions in the 16th century, Cherokee Indians in the area grew peaches during the 18th century, and peach production was in full boom at the end of the Civil War. As Atlanta was a huge railway hub, the railroad lines and refrigerated boxcars made the transportation and shipping of the fruit even more manageable, leading to the increase in demand. Like peaches? Try the famous local Peach Cobbler.

Aside from the fruit that the state earned its nickname from, the Atlanta area also boasts famous dishes like Pimento CheeseBoiled PeanutsGeorgia-style Barbecue (more pork-centered than its traditional counterparts Memphis and Texas), Fried Chicken (Chick-fil-a was founded in Georgia) and Chicken WingsFried Green Tomatoes (not just a movie!), Fried Okra, and of course, the home of Coca-Cola.

Oh, Atlanta, I hear you callin’

If during the 2019 Web Pros Summit you find yourself with some downtime and are looking for something to do, Atlanta has plenty of attractions to offer. Atlanta is the home of the aforementioned Coca-Cola Museum and one of the largest aquariums in the world, the Georgia Aquarium. You can tour the CNN Atlanta offices or catch an Atlanta Braves (they’re pretty good this year!) or Falcons game, or even take a Walking Dead Tour through the city (the show is shot in the city of Atlanta). As a tribute to one of the city’s most famous and influential citizens, Atlanta is also the home of the Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Park and the National Civil and Human Rights Museum.

As a resident Houstonian, I’m really excited about the WebPros Summit in Atlanta, as Atlanta feels a lot like home with a different spin on it. We hope you are as excited to join us as we are to be in such a beautiful city! Come join in the discussion of the 2019 WebPros Summit in our Slack and Discord channels, or on our official cPanel subreddit!