The latest version of cPanel is not only loaded with new features but we’ve also made some tiny updates under the hood. In cPanel & WHM 68 we now offer support for both Virtuozzo 7 and HTTP/2! These enhancements will allow you to enjoy the same hosting platform you love, but with more operating power and efficiency than ever before.

HTTP/2 Support

The new application protocol for data communication on the world wide web has become the standard among most major web browsers. In this latest version of cPanel & WHM, we’ve made all of the efforts to ensure EasyApache 4 is fully capable of utilizing the speed that HTTP/2 has to offer. After months of testing EasyApache 4 on the latest OpenSSL, we’re happy to announce that we’re fully supported. This update, which will make page load times faster and more responsive, will also be particularly helpful for mobile connections.

Check out this nifty tool created by some of our techs and explore the differences between HTTP and HTTPS (powered by HTTP/2).

Virtuozzo 7 Support

Last year, the leading virtualization platform Virtuozzo upped the ante on their offering to hosting providers using cPanel & WHM with the release of Virtuozzo 7. Virtuozzo 7 provided greater server density than ever and allowed hosting providers to run more instances of cPanel per physical server.

Since this release, our team has spent further time testing and exploring the integration between cPanel & WHM and Virtuozzo. We’ve combed through every instance where there is a compatibility opportunity between our products, fixed a handful of bugs, and are happy to announce that Virtuozzo 7  has been added to the list of cPanel & WHM’s fully supported platforms.

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