Greetings Ruby Developers and EasyApache Users!

Now that we have the latest version of Tomcat up and rolling, it is time to turn our attention to Ruby. We are gathering up supplies for our extended stay in the Ruby/Rails/Passenger Vault-Tec Vault™. To make our seclusion a little more comfy and entertaining we would love to hear about how you currently use Ruby/Rails/Passenger.

  • Have you stuck with Ruby 1.9, or have you moved to Ruby 2.0?
  • If you have stayed with Ruby 1.9 or moved to Ruby 2.0, please let us know why.
  • Do you have any tales about transitioning Gems from Ruby 1.9 to 2.0?
  • Are there any particular Gems that you would like to use with Ruby 2.0, but are not compatible yet?
  • Did you have a more stable environment with Ruby 1.9/Rails 3 or with Ruby 2.0/ Rails 4?

Our goal is to emerge triumphantly from the Ruby/Rails/Passenger Vault-Tec Vault™ in early 2014. While we will miss college football, pianos, Halloween, sunsets, gaming, and family vacations, we know that providing Ruby on Rails support for EasyApache users will be well worth it. We will do our best to readjust to human society, and will deliver a Ruby environment for EasyApache that makes all your Gems sparkle!

Join in on the discussion in the comments on this blog, or on our forum here!