As a customer and partner, you have multiple ways to receive our help and support at any time, from anywhere. You have the power in your hands to obtain the knowledge and expertise necessary for your business to continue successfully without interruption. cPanel & WHM is a robust assortment of tools with a variety of applications for their use. These tools are widely used and adopted, and there are a lot of resources available.

That means there is a lot of information, and much to discover about everything your cPanel & WHM server can do for you. We are proud of the world-class support we provide to our users. Here’s a rundown of the resources we provide, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced systems administrator.

7 cPanel Support Resources to Visit When You Need Help

  1. The cPanel Blog, Newsroom, and Social media
  2. cPanelTV on Youtube and Twitch
  3. Product Documentation
  4. Expert Support Articles in our Knowledge Base
  5. cPanel Forum
  6. Additional Troubleshooting Resources
  7. Information Via Email

The cPanel Blog, Newsroom and Social Media

This is where you should go if you want to keep up with the most up-to-date information about what is happening or upcoming with cPanel. These are the resources where we will share our front-line, up-to-the-moment information with you through posts and videos.

The cPanel Blog is the place where we post resources like this one, announcements about upcoming changes, and new products or services. This is where you would go to read about important End of Life plans for supported software, or to inform you of new products and features that are available. This is also the place to go to learn how to use the features in cPanel & WHM. 

The cPanel Newsroom site is where we provide notifications about product version updates and other relevant technical and business information. Posts here will include critical security updates, EasyApache releases, and version releases. 

 We also have a presence on your favorite social media platforms and encourage you to follow us. We are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Posts on social media vary by platform, but following us will provide a glimpse into the culture of cPanel as a company and how we are working to serve you. 

cPanelTV on YouTube and Twitch

Our video platforms share a name but serve two different purposes. YouTube is where our static video tutorials are found, and Twitch is where our dynamic streaming videos can be found. 

cPanelTV on YouTube specializes in video tutorials on a variety of subjects from the most basic – How to install cPanel & WHM on your server – to some more advanced concepts – How to configure reverse DNS for IPv4. The videos take you on a step-by-step tutorial through a variety of processes and teach you how to get familiar with the interfaces within the product. Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when we upload new content. 

We’ve also recently joined Twitch, also as cPanelTV. We are working to build streaming content (like the recent cPanel Live event) such as demos, version release updates, and more! Please make sure to subscribe to receive notifications when we are streaming. This platform is planned for doing live demonstrations, updates, and content you might typically see at a conference. 

Product Documentation You Can Use

There are two main categories for our Product Documentation

This website provides the most in-depth technical information about our products. It is always available to you, 24 hours a day. The site was recently redesigned to better serve you and has moved permanently to for your convenience. 

Product Documentation is the first place to go to learn about anything within cPanel & WHM. With this new site, information is simpler to access than ever before, with version-specific details available on each page through a breadcrumb system.

Docs include subsections for a product Knowledge Base, Webmail, Manage2, Developer Documentation, an Installation Guide, Video Tutorials, and documentation for EasyApache4. The release notes for each version and change logs are also stored on the documentation site.

Expert Support Articles in our Knowledge Base

This resource offers our Technical Support Analysts a way to communicate current information directly to you as issues arise, develop, change, and are resolved. The Support Article Knowledge Base is a new resource that has been designed to share the most updated resolutions for issues our users might encounter within the product. 

Technical Analysts can submit an article directly from a ticket, which then goes through an approval and formatting process, and allows us to get the information to the community faster. If you bookmark these Support Articles today, you can save yourself time when troubleshooting tomorrow.

cPanel Forums for Community Support

The forums are the place to go for community support that is backed up by cPanel Tech Support Analysts. Need help with a problem but don’t want to open a ticket, or know that it’s outside the scope of standard support? The cPanel Forums are just the place to look.

Documentation provides the official development data and descriptions of the product. The Technical Analysts on our team offer real-world resolutions for you. The forums also allow other users to share their workarounds and tutorials for things that cPanel may not directly support. 

With over 1400 active users currently, the cPanel Forum is more of a community-driven discussion platform. It is moderated by our Technical Support team, who also contribute solutions and feedback to users on the threads there. You will need to first register for an account before you can post, but the process is easy. 

Here are a few of some of the most popular forum topics

  1. Known Issues
  2. Workarounds and Optimization
  3. cPanel Developers Forum

Additional cPanel Support Resources

We’ve just introduced you to some of the most popular ways to ask for and receive help with your cPanel & WHM. Now, here’s a comprehensive list so you can find ample resources to resolve server issues, either on your own or with the help of our expert support. 

cPanel Resources Purpose
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Finding your host Many times, a problem is account-based, and you’ll need your hosting provider’s help to resolve it.  Here’s how to find out who that is. 
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Support Forum When you encounter a problem, other users may have experienced it as well. Look for solutions to similar issues other users have faced or ask your own question for community feedback.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Official cPanel Subreddit Like the Support Forum, the official Subreddit offers an outside forum moderated by the cPanel Community team, where you can ask for help or share your knowledge with others.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Discord Server If you prefer real-time connection with other community members, reach out to other users on our community Discord chat server. It has channels specific for multiple topics, including integrations, NGINX, University, plus an exclusive Partner-NOC channel that is only for cPanel Partners to ask their questions.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Feature Request Site Do you have a great idea for something that would make your life easier within cPanel & WHM? Suggest improvements on our feature request site. 
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Customer Service and Technical Support Sometimes, you have an issue that you can’t resolve with any of these resources. Or maybe you’d just prefer to speak to someone at cPanel directly, you can always call or submit a ticket, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Informational Mailing Lists

We have several mailing lists, and each serves a different purpose. 

  • Users who want to test the most cutting-edge versions of our software should subscribe to the EDGE-USERS mailing list. This is a moderated list where we announce EDGE releases, and where users talk about the release and any issues they encounter with it. 
  • End-users may only want to subscribe to a few of the cPanel mailing lists to receive notifications of product updates that are relevant to you.
  • Hosting providers should consider signing up for both the EDGE-USERS mailing list and our standard mailing lists. This will ensure you are kept up-to-date about significant changes that may impact your business. 

Our consumer mailing lists are used for all different types of announcements. It’s critically important that someone in your organization signs up to receive emails on some of these lists so that you are kept up-to-date on important updates and critical information releases. Privacy laws prohibit us from sending you email unless you choose to opt-in, so it’s vital to make sure you’re signed up for the correct email lists. You can do so by subscribing to the cPanel mailing list. 

We Are Here to Help

We know that different folks work best in different ways. Our teams at cPanel are diverse in problem-solving and creating solutions. We want to provide you the best the industry has to offer in terms of both products and support. As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can also reach out to We are here to help.