Just a heads up for cPanel Plugin Developers out there:  11.50 has hit the release tier. It includes a small tweak to how the plugin installation script behaves that you should know about.

As we move farther and farther away from X3, the legacy user interface for cPanel, the plugin installation scripts will now install your plugins directly into Paper Lantern by default. In order to specify that you would like it install into X3, make sure to provide the --theme parameter explicitly at install time.

# installs to Paper Lantern
/scripts/install_plugin /path/to/my/install_archive.tar.gz  
# installs to X3 legacy interface
/scripts/install_plugin /path/to/my/install_archive.tar.gz --theme x3  

These changes also apply to /scripts/uninstall_plugin as well. By default, uninstall_plugin will operate on Paper Lantern. Provide --theme x3 to it and it will operate on our legacy theme.

With Paper Lantern adoption picking up steam, we hope this change will get your plugins in front of the most users possible.