Earlier this year, Let’s Encrypt announced the end of life (EOL) plan for their original API. Starting this November, they will no longer allow new account registrations through the original API. As the original API will no longer allow registrations, new accounts must use Let’s Encrypt’s new API. Because of this, cPanel has developed a new Let’s Encrypt plugin to use that new API instead of the old API.

Why change now?

If we do not update our plugin, we cannot continue to support our users who use it. Even though Let’s Encrypt introduced the newer API last year, we chose to defer migrating to the new API as the new API adds a rate limit that negatively impacts our Let’s Encrypt plugin users. This new rate limit is 300 certificate orders every three hours. We must update our plugin for cPanel & WHM Version 84 in anticipation of the November update deadline.

Will the plugin update be available in cPanel & WHM Version 82 and earlier?

We do not have plans to backport the plugin update to our current LTS Version of cPanel & WHM. cPanel & WHM Versions 82 and earlier continue to use a Version of the Let’s Encrypt plugin that interacts with the original API.

After Let’s Encrypt’s November deadline, they will no longer allow any new registrations using the original API. We strongly recommend server administrators do not reset their Let’s Encrypt registration after this deadline as the Let’s Encrypt plugin’s functionality breaks.

Can I increase my rate limits with Let’s Encrypt?

You can request higher rate limits direct from Let’s Encrypt by submitting this form to Let’s Encrypt. Be advised that this process can take a few weeks, so If you anticipate that this change impacts you, we recommend submitting your request in advance. For more information, you can read Let’s Encrypt’s rate limit documentation.

If you’d like an even easier solution, cPanel recommends using the cPanel (powered by Sectigo) default provider, which does not impose a rate limit. This provider also allows up to 1,000 domains per certificate! Best of all, it’s free and comes included with your cPanel license, so there’s no extra cost to make the switch. You can change to this provider in WHM’s Manage AutoSSL interface (WHM >> Home >> SSL/TLS >> Manage AutoSSL). 

Have any questions?

Do you have any further concerns? Are you unsure how this change may impact you? Would you like to discuss your thoughts about this update? If so, please join our official Slack and Discord channels, or join us on our official cPanel subreddit, or come talk to us in person at the 2019 Web Pros Summit!