Back in September 2015, we announced the impending deprecation of X3, the previous generation user interface for cPanel. Since doing so we’ve seen adoption of Paper Lantern sky-rocket. After significant feedback from our customers and stakeholders we’re revising the deprecation schedule.

Originally we said that we would stop shipping the X3 theme with v58, but in our development planning meeting yesterday we decided to delay that to v60, which is a delay of 4 months from the original plan. We’ll be using this time to further integrate the feedback we’ve gotten into Paper Lantern, address some design concerns that you’ve raised with us, as well as develop the Retro Style further. What this means for you is a little more breathing room as you plan and execute your migration away from X3, and adopt Paper Lantern in your integrations and plugins.

Make no bones about it, X3 remains on the chopping block, but we want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the change. As we indicated before: there’s no plan to remove X3 from existing servers, but as of v60 we will stop shipping it with new servers. We hope that this delay will help us better respond to you as well as provide the additional time needed for you to finalize plans, update integrations and migrate plugins.

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