Privacy Shield Certification

We’ve been keeping you up-to-date about how the GDPR impacts our policies and agreements.  Today we are making two changes to our policies that are affected by the GDPR.

  • As I noted in my May 24, 2018 blog post, we had not, at that time, received notice that our Privacy Policy had been certified by the U.S. / E.U. / Swiss Privacy Shield program. Our Privacy Policy has now been certified, and our contracts and policies have been revised to reflect that.
  • We have also updated our Privacy Policy to be more clear about our cookie disclosure. Paragraph 2.2 has been updated to more precisely define the term “cPanel Product.”  This revised definition includes only software and services created by cPanel and not third-party products that may be incorporated into our software and services.

Policy Updates

Our revised policies are as follows:

  • Our revised Privacy Policy is here.
  • If you licensed our products through our store, our updated agreement is here.
  • If you are a reseller or distributor, you are required to provide our agreement to your customers. Their revised agreement is here.
  • If you have a “Partner NOC” agreement with us, amendments to your Partner NOC agreement are here.

More Info on Privacy Shield

Information about the Privacy Shield is here.  Understanding why complying with EU laws and regulations related to data flows is important. To help understand which countries provide an adequate level of data protection, and which, like the U.S., are required to implement programs to facilitate adequacy, it may be helpful to review this document.

Communication Re-Opt In

Per GDPR regulations and our data processing practices, if you wish to receive communications from cPanel moving forward and have not yet done so, you must re-opt in by completing this form.

Ask Us Your Questions

Since the GDPR implementation date, we’ve responded to quite a number of questions about its impact on our product and our customers.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you to understand how we facilitate GDPR compliance.  If you are a customer, the fastest way to interact with us is to open a ticket. Otherwise, you can email