When we originally launched the cPanel & WHM documentation, we also included a Software Developer Kit (SDK). Our goal was to build it into an actual kit of tools and help that would support and enable our integrators. Unfortunately, as the documentation evolved and the documentation team took on more responsibility,  the actual ‘kit’ was never created. That’s created a ton of confusion that we’re hoping to alleviate today.

Announcing: Developer Documentation, the new SDK

With all of that in mind, the Documentation Team is making some changes that will hopefully provide clarity to you, our customers, and better align with our goals as a team and a company.

As the first step in this process, we’re renaming the SDK to what it truly is; Developer Documentation. We feel this better describes this collection of API modules & functions, scripting utilities, and plugin documentation.

What’s next?  

More changes are coming this year, and we are excited to share them with you!

  • A new design for cPanel & WHM Documentation is in the works for later this year. 
  • We will be restructuring our documentation to align better with the product, which should make it easier for our customers to find what they need. 

If you have any ideas for improving our documentation, please let us know! You can comment below, or reach out directly to the Community Team. For now, feel free to start looking around