Halon Security, a Swedish company with offices overlooking the beautiful city of Gothenburg, Sweden, is proud to be sponsoring the WebPros Summit 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia! While we’ve partnered with cPanel and sponsored conferences in the past, this year has special significance for us; taking part in the very first WebPros Summit in Atlanta, Georgia!

Regardless if you are a hosting provider or managed service provider, secure email is undoubtedly an integral part of your communications. Halon Security MTA is a flexible email operations and security platform built for email service providers.

Providing competitive and cost-effective email services are becoming more complicated than ever. Many email services are unable to adequately respond to those challenges because of the legacy technology they are using, or its complexity. Services inherited as part of company acquisitions, and mergers may further complicate the situation. Such systems can become massive, sophisticated collections of components only partly understood by those who designed them.

Halon Security has been working with large hosting providers for more than ten years and fully appreciate those challenges. We provide a comprehensive solution that offers reduced costs, rapid implementation of new functionality and improved performance, allowing you to excel in the ever-increasing competitive landscape.

Owned by several entrepreneurs and with backing from the prestigious technology University Chalmers in Gothenburg, Halon Security is a unique MTA developed explicitly to address the ever-growing needs of email service providers. It is a powerful software platform that performs better in terms of speed and efficiency, while dramatically improving system flexibility.

Halon Security lowers TCO (total cost of ownership) for typically large email infrastructure systems up to 70%, freeing resources for other revenue-generating projects by removing complexity and administration overhead. It has an immediate bottom-line impact with an almost immediate payback. Halon Security also lets customers provide much more productive and more competitive email services, cutting time to market from months to days.

We’re looking forward to joining cPanel and our other partners in Atlanta to discuss all of this with you in person and share with you what we can do for your company!