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Lower Your Churn Rate

We Keep You Informed So You Can Better Serve Your Customers

Communication and Knowledge

Customer satisfaction starts with widely available support for both your in-house technical support team and your customers. We dedicate many of our internal resources to progressive development. Our software evolves with ongoing industry changes to consistently meet your needs as our customer.

We at cPanel® always offer you:

  • Perpetual Software Upgrades
  • 24/7 High-Level Support
  • Stable Software Releases
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Onsite Training
  • Community Forums

How Does This Reduce Churn?

Quick, reliable support means problems are fixed fast while widely available channels of communication guarantee you know what’s happening, before it happens. This, met with ongoing software development to serve your changing needs, reduces your churn rate by providing unrivaled service.

We build cPanel & WHM® software to provide the world’s best control panel for shared hosting. In fact, we consider ourselves part of the hosting industry, and an extension to your company. To achieve this, we have our own definition of “Great Success” when it comes to gaining new customers, and retaining them for a long period of time.

  • It can never be outdated.
    Ongoing software development and release mean your customers get the latest hosting software.

  • Everyone is a customer.
    We consider every license holder our shared customer, and provide direct support to server owners, minus the red tape.
  • We’ve hired the best to serve you.
    From developers, to support analysts, we have built a team that is focused on providing you quality tested software and support 24/7.

  • We help make you smarter.
    Online documentation, onsite training, certification, and well crafted responses from our analysts help your team become experts in cPanel & WHM software.