Meet Our Departments

Get to know us a little better! Here's a breakdown of our departments and what they do on the daily.



Our developers write the code that powers cPanel & WHM®.



This team makes our applications easy-to-use and crafts an informative web presence.



Our tech writers are skilled communicators who generate our product documentation.


Marketing & Sales

These experts know how to sell and market the benefits of our product.


Quality Assurance

These folks root out, analyze, and completely annihilate bugs from our software.


Technical Support

Clever and quick-thinking, this team has the experience to figure out what's wrong and how to fix it.


Employee Support

Our ESD team helps us find, hire, and keep the best employees in the business.


System Administration

These professionals make it all work: our servers, network, desktop hardware, and software.


Office Administration

Our office staff works hard to make cPanel a fantastic place to be. Their effort is essential to all that we do.


Customer Service

These helpful folks take care of our customers when they have questions about billing and licensing.

cPanel Culture

A diverse assortment of people makes for a unique work environment. At cPanel, we enjoy the appreciation of our colleagues, meet challenging demands with a sense of accomplishment, and have a great time while making a difference.

Casual Friday? We're casual every day.

No suits. Standard-issue headphones. Free cookies. We provide a fun, relaxed environment where our employees can do what they love.

Quirkiness is A-OK.

"Normal" isn't normal here. We welcome a variety of personalities, cultures, and communication styles. We think it makes work—and life—more interesting.

Gratitude is our attitude.

We know that the power of kindness is infinite. So we make it a point to thank our employees and let them know that they're appreciated.

Opinions wanted.

If something doesn't seem right—a product feature, a project, anything—we encourage our employees to speak up. We learn a lot that way. They're smart. They have interesting things to say.

Talent served "family style".

We recognize that our employees possess a myriad of skills that can serve multiple departments. That's why we maintain a flexible, team-oriented atmosphere. We make cooperation an integral part of our bottom line.

Working to learn, learning to work.

We support our employees as they grow. We offer training opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and learning resources. Eagerness to learn earns our employees an A+ in our book!

Inside cPanel

We know that our hard work is globally significant. Our software powers all kinds of websites that millions of people depend on. But we're not all work, no play. We attend conferences, host hack days, get our knowledge on with internal "Lunch & Learn" sessions, go on company outings, and even hang out with Darth Vader! And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out our gallery below for a sneak peak at how "cPeeps" roll.

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