2022 cPanel Partner License Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pricing Questions
    • When were Partners notified of the price adjustment?

      All Partners were emailed at their primary email address on file on September 28th.

    • When does the new pricing go into effect?

      The adjusted prices for new Partners go into effect December 15, 2021, and renewing customers as of January 1, 2022. All Partners will be billed the new license rates on their first 2022 invoice.

    • What is the license pricing for Partners as of January 1, 2022?

      The exact increase depends on the specific product. The 2022 Partner Licensing Guides can be downloaded here.

    • Why is the price changing?

      We, like all companies, must periodically assess the impact of our pricing to ensure alignment between the needs of our Partners/Customers and our own cost of doing business. This assessment can result in periodic pricing adjustments.

    • How long are these prices valid for?

      We currently evaluate our license pricing on an annual basis. The prices that go into effect on January 1, 2022, will be valid until further notice.

    • Are all Partners getting the same increase?

      Yes. Our pricing philosophy is transparent, and all Partners currently have the same pricing. This provides market parity; no Partner has a pricing advantage.

    • Can my net payment terms be extended to accommodate the price adjustment?

      Payment terms are set in your Partner agreement.

  • License Questions
    • Will the SKUs change?

      No, as part of this adjustment exercise, our SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) will remain the same. The existing SKUs will continue being used and we will only adjust their price.

    • Is the license model changing this year?

      No. We are not changing the licensing model. The January 1, 2022, adjustment only affects price levels of certain license types.

    • Are yearly, or unlimited, licenses going to be coming back?

      No. We have no plans to reinstate yearly or unlimited account license plans.

    • I would like a term licensing agreement with more discounts. Is this possible?

      Our pricing philosophy is transparent, and all Partners currently have the same pricing. This provides market parity; no Partner has a pricing advantage. We are not currently entering into any term licensing / pricing agreements.

    • Can I change between license types leading up to January 1, 2022?

      Yes. You can still log into your customer portal, or via the API, and upgrade your licenses as needed during the notification period (October 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021). On January 1, 2022, regardless of the license type, we will automatically adjust the pricing.

    • Will you offer a license with basic features at a lower price for smaller companies? I don’t need all the features you offer and cannot afford the price increase.

      At this time, we do not have plans to offer a reduced functionality version of our products.

    • The cPanel Solo license is available on Metal for Partners. Why aren’t the other packages / license types available on Metal?

      Most of our Partners who operate at scale shared hosting environments leverage large bare metal servers to deliver the resources they need to service their customers. We have found that customers that don’t operate at scale (less than 100 users), generally leverage cloud-based resources such as VPS.

  • Other Questions
    • Is the WHMCS automation suite ready for the price adjustment?

      Yes. Because we are adjusting pricing and not the license model, WHMCS is ready and able to accommodate the adjusted pricing on January 1, 2022.

    • Are there any incentives or discounts available for Partners?

      Discounts exist for Partners who become Certified. We always encourage you to reach out to your Account Manager for assistance in understanding how to get the most out of this Partnership.

    • Do I need to do anything ahead of the pricing adjustment, or will this change cause any disruption to my business?

      No; billing will be automatically updated. These changes only affect our billing and invoicing processes, and any changes will be done on our side. You will not need to change anything on your servers related to this update.

    • Will there be any concessions for Partners who do high density shared hosting?

      Our Partner programs reward those hosting Partners who achieve certain revenue thresholds. Once those thresholds are reached, discounts are automatically applied.

    • What did I get out of the last price increase? Will there be additional benefits being provided as a result of the price change?

      We strive to deliver the best tools available on the market to our customers. Over the last 12 months, we’ve continued to listen and to deliver many critical features and capabilities. Many of these enhancements are detailed on our web sites here: https://cpanel.net/up-next

    • You allowed Partners to defer the 2020 cPanel price adjustment. Are deferrals available for 2022?

      For 2022, no deferrals are available.

    • My small shared hosting business is no longer cost-effective, what should I do?

      As a business owner, you have several avenues available to you with regard to how to manage this price adjustment. Some of the options available include passing the cost directly on to the end-users by increasing prices, leveraging creative marketing ideas to create fair use policies, and offering value-adding upsells to customers to increase revenue.

    • Will the discount programs offered for non-profit and educational institutions be affected?

      No, we are not changing our non-profit or educational licensing or pricing at this time. If you are from a non-profit organization or educational institution, please contact customer service.

    • I have a question that has not been answered here. Who should I contact?

      Please contact your Account manager.