We Have A Little Something Special For You

We've created and packaged some cPanel & WHM® marketing items just for our partners!

We love our partners. Matter of fact, our partners' success means so much to us that we’ve whipped up a few additional resources to help you better deliver the world’s leading hosting platform, cPanel & WHM.

Gift 1: Product Info Page

cPanel & WHM Product Info Page

We’ve built and packaged a customizable cPanel & WHM product info page that you can add to your site. Loaded with specs about both WHM and the cPanel® interface, this pre-built page gives you, your customers, as well as your customers’ customers everything you need to know to start using, marketing, and selling cPanel & WHM.

Simply download the source code below, customize the style to fit your brand, and start giving your customers more.

Gift 2: Logos

We’ve updated our brand so make sure your site is current and up to date. After all, we want your customers to know that they’re getting the very best. Download the SVG files and check out the full cPanel Brand Guide for additional resources.

Gift 3: Mystery Gift

Is your site updated with the most recent cPanel & WHM logos and a dedicated product info page? Let us know and we’ll be sure to send something special your way!