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Manage your sites, servers and your business with our suite of hosting automation and optimization solutions

cPanel & WHM®

Equipped with interfaces for both you and your customers to simplify site and server management


cPanel & WHM allows hosting providers and users the ability to automate server management tasks while offering your customers the tools they need to manage their sites.

In-house support

cPanel & WHM also comes with our in-house, 24/7 support to help solve all your hosting needs.


  • Create websites and domains in a few clicks
  • Launch and manage email networks
  • Manage and store web files


  • Create cPanel accounts for customers
  • Monitor and protect your server
  • Transfer and backup data in a few clicks

Don’t need all the bells and whistles? We have the solution for you

cPanel Solo

Loaded with the most powerful capabilities of cPanel & WHM, cPanel Solo is perfect for the hosting provider or individual with a single server account to manage.
*only monthly options available





cPanel & WHM



$40 Savings



cPanel & WHM



$115 Savings



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Create a premium hosting experience with these add-on solutions

Yearly Pricing Available


Add automated billing for your customers.

Try this sophisticated billing and payment tool and forget about ever having to manually bill or invoice your customers.

Yearly Pricing Available


Add greater stability to your shared hosting

Host more sites, optimize server performance and provide a more stable, secure environment for your shared hosting customers.



Apply security patches automatically to a running kernel

Automatically installs all the necessary security updates to running kernels - no need to reboot your cPanel Linux servers.



Conserve more resources on your server

Increase the performance of your machines and provide a better-shared experience with this replacement for Apache.

Third-party cPanel apps

Developers love cPanel so much that some created apps and plugins, for free! Check out dozens of useful and innovative applications to add to your configuration.

Educational & non-profit licenses

We offer free and discounted licenses to qualifying non-profits and educational institutions.

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Free developer licenses

Building for cPanel & WHM? Check out the Developer Center and find out about our free licenses for developers just like you.

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