Version 120

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    Released April 2, 2024
    Released April 9, 2024
    Released April 17, 2024
    Released May 13, 2024

Introducing cPanel & WHM® Version 120

We are happy to announce that cPanel Version 120 has now been reached the STABLE Tier! To see all the changes in v120, as well as detailed information about all cPanel & cPanel WebHost Manager versions, visit the Release Notes.

Also, feel free to join us on DiscordReddit, or our Support Forums!

Stay tuned for feature details and RELEASES.

Version 114

  • Added Portuguese to supported languages
  • Updated Spanish translations
  • Let’s Encrypt™ became default AutoSSL provider
  • Added support for MariaDB 10.11
  • Disable pipelining setting added to Exim Configuration Manager
  • Added two-factor authentication to Webmail
  • Added services to Manage Team

Version 116

  • Sitejet Builder and Site Quality Monitoring plugins enabled by default
  • Experimental support for CloudLinux 9
  • Added analytics and locale settings to Manage Team
  • Removed the Skeleton Directory interface
  • Added new and modified some UAPI functions

Version 118

  • Support for CloudLinux 9 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Let’s Encrypt now required
  • Updated Manage Team account quota status
  • Updated translations
  • Added MariaDB support for Ubuntu

Version 120

  • Interface for Calendars and Contacts Management
  • cPanel’s WebDAV, calendars, and contacts daemon
    (cpdavd) service
    replaces Calendar and Contacts Server (CCS) plugin
  • Updated database interface titles

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