Fully Integrated Website Monitoring

Site Quality Monitoring powered by koality is your website monitoring and optimization solution. Included at no extra charge with your cPanel license.

Site Quality Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor, Analyze, and
Optimize Your Websites

With website scanning and analyzation, automated downtime & performance alerts, and optimization suggestions, users of all technical expertise levels can experience website excellence.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Monitor all critical aspects of your project from a single interface:

  • Uptime
  • Page load speed
  • Broken links
  • SEO metrics
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Security
  • Content quality
  • Legal compliance

Automated Alerting

Receive frequent downtime alerts and weekly test quality alerts via email to:

  • Minimize revenue loss
  • Avoid poor customer experience
  • Fix broken links or other elements
  • Make informed website decisions

Identify and resolve website issues easily


Increase website health and enhance user satisfaction


Improve search engine performance


Daily infinite crawls (up to 20 pages depth)


Get real-time guidance on Google lighthouse scoring


View on screen notifications for smart optimization

Smart Issue Resolution
and Optimization

Get clear, straightforward suggestions and guidance, enabling holistic management and optimize of your website with smart and timely suggestions to achieve higher search engine rankings.

Site Quality Monitoring by koality is:

  • Proactive
  • Comprehensive
  • Fully integrated with cPanel
Site Quality Monitoring Summary


Yes. Site Quality Monitoring for cPanel powered by koality is included in your cPanel license, at no additional cost. It includes everything you need to monitor, analyze, and optimize one cPanel-hosted website.
Site Quality Monitoring for cPanel powered by koality is fully integrated into cPanel versions 110, 116, and 118, and readily available as an option provided it is enabled within WHM on your server. No additional installation is necessary.