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What you need to know about upcoming changes and upgrades to cPanel & WHM®

Your guide to cPanel’s future plans and updates

cPanel LTS Automatic Updates

We’re constantly upgrading and improving our products, and because these changes might affect you and your customers, we’re sharing our timeline and future plans so you can prepare for new features.

Here you will find:

  • Information you need to know about crucial updates
  • Why they’re happening, and what actions you need to take next
  • Documentation and support you need in one place

Important Upcoming Changes

CentOS Updates coming soon.

CentOS 6 Blocking Version 88 Upgrade

Date: April 2020

Customers using CentOS 6 as their operating system will be blocked from upgrading to cPanel & WHM Version 88. CentOS 6 is ending upstream support in November 2020 and cPanel does not support end-of-life operating systems. We recommend migrating to a system utilizing CentOS 7 or purchasing CloudLinux 6 as a solution.

cPanel LTS Automatic Updates

LTS Tier Automatic Updates

Date: March 2020

cPanel & WHM installations currently using outdated and unsupported versions of our software will be updated to the latest version of our LTS (Long Term Support) Tier, currently at Version 78. When version 86 becomes available any servers running on Version 78 will automatically begin updating to the new version.

EasyApache4 to EasyApache4 Updates

EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 Automatic Conversion

Date: February 1, 2020

Some servers are blocked from upgrading to a supported version of cPanel & WHM because they are running EasyApache 3. These servers will be automatically converted to EasyApache 4 so they can then upgrade to the Long Term Support (LTS) tier or newer version of cPanel & WHM.

MySQL 5.5 Automatic Update coming February 2020

MySQL 5.5 Automatic Update

Date: February 2020

Some customers using Version 78 of cPanel & WHM are blocked from upgrading to newer versions because they have MySQL 5.5 installed. We will attempt to automatically upgrade these servers to MySQL 5.7.

cPanel API 1 Updates coming soon.

cPanel API 1

We are unifying all cPanel-side API systems under UAPI which means cPanel API 1 is scheduled for removal in the future. This will not affect WHM API 1 at this time.

cPanel FTP Version 86

cPanel FTP Disabled by Default

Beginning with cPanel & WHM Version 86, the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service will be disabled by default in all new installations.

Amazon® Linux® 1 Deprecation

Amazon® Linux® 1 Deprecation

Date: December 31, 2020

AWS Systems utilizing the Amazon Linux 1 Operating System will not be able to upgrade to cPanel & WHM Version 88. Amazon has set the end of life for its Amazon Linux 1 operating system on December 31, 2020. cPanel does not support end-of-life operating systems, nor does cPanel & WHM support installations on Amazon Linux 2. Systems utilizing Amazon Linux 1 are required to migrate their servers to a new AWS instance utilizing the Amazon Marketplace version of cPanel & WHM.

CentOS Updates coming soon.

CentOS 8

We will be adding support for cPanel & WHM to be installed on CentOS 8.

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