Your guide to cPanel’s updates and future plans

As we continue to upgrade, innovate, and improve our products, we want to ensure that you remain informed of any changes that may affect you or your customers. On this page you will find:

  • Information you need to know about any crucial updates
  • Reasoning and next steps related to these updates
  • Documentation and support you may need
  • Our roadmap of upcoming initiatives

Notable Upcoming Changes

cPanel Pricing Update

Pricing Update

Our annual pricing update took effect on January 1st, 2021. Full information is available at the link below.

cPanel LTS Automatic Updates

LTS Tier Automatic Updates

cPanel & WHM installations currently using outdated and unsupported versions of our software will be updated to the latest version of our LTS (Long Term Support) Tier, currently at Version 86. When version 94 becomes available any servers running on Version 86 or older will automatically begin updating to the new version.


ModSecurity Rules Distribution

We've moved to a more reliable system for distributing OWASP mod_security rulesets. To ensure that you get timely updates to your rules, please see the following documentation.

CentOS 8

CentOS 8

Following the EOL announcements by the CentOS Project, we will continue our rollout of support for CentOS 8, including support for a newly-announced fork of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8, and we will accelerate support for cPanel on Ubuntu LTS as well.

CentOS 8

CentOS 6 Blocking Version 88 Upgrade

Customers using CentOS 6 as their operating system will be blocked from upgrading to cPanel & WHM Version 88. CentOS 6 is ending upstream support in November 2020 and cPanel does not support end-of-life operating systems. We recommend migrating to a system utilizing CentOS 7 or purchasing CloudLinux 6 as a solution.


MariaDB 10.1

We have removed and stopped support for MaridaDB 10.1 for new installs.


MySQL 5.6

We will be removing and stopping support for MySQL 5.6 for new installs.


WordPress Manager

We are retiring WordPress Manager in favor of a more feature-rich tool, WordPress Toolkit.


cPanel API 1

We have begun removing cPanel API 1 and will completely remove in the near future.


Amazon® Linux® 1 Deprecation

AWS Systems utilizing the Amazon Linux 1 Operating System will not be able to upgrade to cPanel & WHM Version 88. Amazon has set the end of life for its Amazon Linux 1 operating system on December 31, 2020. cPanel does not support end-of-life operating systems, nor does cPanel & WHM support installations on Amazon Linux 2. Systems utilizing Amazon Linux 1 are required to migrate their servers to a new AWS instance utilizing the Amazon Marketplace version of cPanel & WHM.

Upcoming cPanel Initiatives

The below initiatives are subject to change.

Product Appeal

Improved cPanel Onboarding and Experience for Users

Coming in 2021, cPanel & WHM debuts an improved user experience designed to teach new users the basics, while also inspiring them to create amazing things with their new hosting account.

User Level Live Transfers

This update speeds up transfers by redirecting web and mail traffic to the new server. Visitors are more likely to see the page they want to visit instead of the website being down. We recently added this feature to root-level transfers, but we will make it available for user-level transfers as well.

Multi-Server Profiles: Mail Node

Continuing development to optimize servers to perform specific tasks and solve performance concerns.

NGINX Caching

As an additional functionality to the existing NGINX feature, the NGINX caching layer will improve website performance while decreasing the server's resource requirements.

Linked Mail Nodes for Production Environments

This feature lets you offload mail functionality from your primary cPanel & WHM server to a separate server that only serves mail. By doing so, you can optimize your hardware and help prevent websites and email hosting from impacting each other's performance.

Groupware Appeal

ActiveSync Support

Synchronize your email, calendar, and contacts data across Android™ and Windows® devices.

Streamlined Contact Management

New email and calendar contact management functionality. Improved contact editing, as well as the ability
 to auto-learn email addresses and incorporate global address lists.

Enhanced Importing of Google and Office365 Contacts into Roundcube

Import your Google and Office365 contacts into Roundcube.

Software Updates

CentOS 8

CentOS 8

With the release of Version 92, cPanel & WHM are offering an experimental version supporting CentOS 8.

Exim Upgrade

Exim Upgrade

Provide customers with the latest Exim offering as well as all related security updates.

Dovecot Upgrade

Dovecot Upgrade & SSL Factor

Provide customers with the latest Dovecot offering as well as all related security updates.

PHP 8.0

PHP 8.0

We will be releasing PHP 8.0 as an experimental EasyApache package. This will allow customers to get a head start on testing and upgrading their applications.

PowerDNS 4.3 Updates for cPanel

PowerDNS 4.3 Update

Incorporate PowerDNS 4.3 into cPanel and provide customers with the latest PDNS offering and security updates.


New Developer and API Documentation Site

Developer Documentation is available here: https://api.docs.cpanel.net/

WordPress Toolkit

Build, manage, and grow your web presence with WordPress Toolkit on cPanel & WHM.

WHM Marketplace

A centralized Marketplace to purchase and install extensions you or your business require.

Developer Experience

cPanel & WHM’s API reference documentation will be redesigned to help developers locate the API they require more easily.

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Completed Notable Changes and Initiatives

Full details of our latest release can be viewed on our release site.




MySQL® 5.5 Automatic Update

Some customers using Version 78 of cPanel & WHM are blocked from upgrading to newer versions because they have MySQL 5.5 installed. We will attempt to automatically upgrade these servers to MySQL 5.7.


Product Appeal


Easily launch a cPanel & WHM instance from the Microsoft Azure and AWS Lightsail Cloud Platforms.

Product Appeal

Reinvented MultiPHP Manager

Manage your domains’ PHP version with a new, simplified admin user interface.


ECDSA SSL/TLS Certificate Support

Improving SSL/TLS functionality by providing and supporting ECDSA key algorithm generation in addition to the current RSA algorithm.



User Level Transfers to Allow HomeDir & MySQL Streaming

We expanded home directory and MySQL streaming support to transfers that utilize non-root credentials.


WordPress Toolkit

Build, manage, and grow your web presence with WordPress Toolkit on cPanel & WHM.


cPanel API 1

We have begun removing cPanel API 1 and will completely remove in the near future.


EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 Automatic Conversion

Some servers are blocked from upgrading to a supported version of cPanel & WHM because they are running EasyApache 3. These servers will be automatically converted to EasyApache 4 so they can then upgrade to the Long Term Support (LTS) tier or newer version of cPanel & WHM.


cPanel FTP Disabled by Default

cPanel & WHM Version 86, the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service has been disabled by default in all new installations.