cPanel API 1 Removal and Replacement with UAPI

With the release of Version 88, we will start removing cPanel API 1 functionality, and any custom code or integrations using these calls will no longer work.

The cPanel API 1 functions are being replaced with UAPI equivalents, and you should update your custom integrations to use the new UAPI functions.


cPanel & WHM is consolidating old and outdated APIs into one system to simplify the process of integrations. We are porting cPanel API 1 functions to UAPI, which will have improved functionality. 


cPanel’s API 1 is being removed and custom integrations using it will no longer work after Version 86. This will affect any custom code that relies on the old API 1 calls, which could include integrations, plugins, tools, or products which will break if they are not updated to UAPI. 

Server owners should resolve any dependencies on cPanel API 1 before upgrading to Version 88.


The cPanel API 1 system is outdated and inconsistent function to function, so we’ve steadily been adding its functionality to UAPI, and continuing work on uniting our APIs into one system. This not only simplifies the process of integration but also provides improved functionality moving forward. UAPI has additional features to help manage data returned from API requests.

What can you do?

Update your custom integrations to use UAPI or cPanel API 2 if a UAPI equivalent is not available.

If you rely on plugins that use cPanel API 1, you should contact the maintainers to ensure that the plugins are updated to use UAPI so that they will be compatible after Version 86.

Since Version 86 is the new long term support tier, you can also switch your release tier to LTS which will allow you to stay on Version 86 for a longer period of time.

Anything else I should know?

We have added functionality in Version 86 that will detect usage of API 1 calls and log them on the server. The system administrator will be notified that these calls are present as they occur on the server, and therefore will know what needs to be updated. If it isn’t practical to receive notifications because of the amount of your servers you manage, we have added two new WHM API 1 calls, get_api_calls and get_api_pages, that can be integrated into your server management software to monitor cPanel API 1 usage across your fleet.