CentO6 Blocking Version 88


CentOS 6 is ending upstream support in November 2020, and as a safeguard, cPanel is no longer supporting this end-of-life operating system.

It is cPanel’s commitment to prevent and mitigate any security vulnerabilities as they arise. As a result, cPanel will require CentOS 6 users to migrate to CentOS 7 before upgrading to Version 88. This can be achieved by migrating to CentOS 7 or purchasing CloudLinux 6.


Security updates will no longer be supplied by CentOS upstream after November 2020. Continuing to utilize CentOS 6 will result in potential security vulnerabilities.


Using supported versions of software is critical for your server security. Migrating to a newer version of CentOS will allow you to access the fully-supported versions of cPanel & WHM, reduce security vulnerabilities, and allow you to receive regular feature and security updates.

What Can You Do?

CentOS strongly suggests migrating from an existing CentOS 6 installation to a new CentOS 7 installation. cPanel is providing an integrated solution to purchase and install CloudLinux 6 and working with Cloud Linux to continue support.

We strongly suggest taking either of these actions in order to prevent remaining on an unsupported operating system.

Anything else I should know?

Migrating systems to a new operating system will incur a period of downtime while their domains' DNS updates to the new server IP address.

More Information

Having your systems administrator migrate your server allows you to control the process. If you would like to hire someone to manage your server or to help with migration, here’s a list of SafeAdmin Certified system administrators.