cPanel & WHM Introduces

We're excited to announce a new version of cPanel & WHM and here is a highlight of features that were made with your business in mind!

Included in this version is an improved mobile email experience to industry-leading leading malware detection plus the latest and greatest MySQL® version.

MySQL 5.5 Automatic Update coming February 2020

Webmail now ships with Roundcube version 1.4

Our Webmail offering now ships with Roundcube 1.4, which features a new responsive theme for mobile devices, as well as compatibility with the Calendar and Contacts Server (CCS) plugin. What are the benefits of this addition?

  • The responsive theme resizes the Roundcube interface to match the size of your phone or tablet, making viewing your email easier
  • The CCS plugin allows you to manage your CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contacts) accounts from your cPanel & WHM server
  • Use Roundcube, Horde, or other applications to utilize your calendars and contacts
ImunifyAV & ImunifyAV+

ImunifyAV & ImunifyAV+

ImunifyAV, a leading malware scanning solution, is available for free in cPanel & WHM Version 88. You can also now purchase a license for ImunifyAV+ directly from WHM!

  • Identify malware or malicious code in your customer's PHP and static HTML files by scanning with ImunifyAV
  • By upgrading to ImunifyAV+, you have a one-click tool that isolates and removes malware and other malicious software
  • Provide peace of mind for yourself and your customers by protecting data
Support for MySQL® 8

Support for MySQL® 8

We've added support for MySQL® 8 in cPanel & WHM Version 88. While new installations of cPanel & WHM Version 88 will default to MySQL® 5.7, you can upgrade to MySQL® 8 in WHM's MySQL or MariaDB Upgrade interface.

  • Upgrade to the latest and greatest MySQL version and avoid using end-of-life versions
  • Connect a MySQL 8 Amazon© RDS instance with cPanel & WHM Version 88
  • Provide peace of mind for yourself and your customers by protecting data

Upgrading your server to the newest version has never been easier, and is essential for ensuring your business is operating with supported software.

cPanel & WHM Version 88 Upgrade Documentation

For more information on how to upgrade your server, check out our Upgrade Documentation.

cPanel Release Site - Version 88

Visit the official Release Site for a full breakdown of the Version 88 release.

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