Announcing cPanel & WHM Version 92

We're excited to announce a new version of cPanel & WHM® and here is a highlight of features that we can't wait to share with you!

Included in this version is an improved WordPress management experience, experimental versions of cPanel & WHM for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8, plus an experimental version of the latest and greatest ModSecurity® Rules and distribution options.

Introducing WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit

We added a new product extension called WordPress Toolkit, a management interface that enables you to easily install, configure, and manage WordPress®. To be notified when it is available in the cPanel store for direct customers, please join our mailing list. Read our WordPress Toolkit Overview page for more information.

  • Replaces the deprecated WordPress Manager
  • Manage multiple WordPress sites on your cPanel & WHM Server
  • Includes an array of installation, configuration, and security management tools
Experimental: cPanel & WHM for Cent)S 8 and CloudLinux

Experimental: cPanel & WHM for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8

We're adding an experimental version of cPanel & WHM v92 that provides minimal functionality for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8 servers. This is our first step towards integrating support for our product on these platforms, which is a popular feature request. It should be noted that cPanel & WHM version 92 for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8 is experimental software and is not recommended for production environments. For more information, read our cPanel & WHM for CentOS 8 documentation.

Additional Experimental Features related to this update:

  • MySQL® 8 support for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8
  • ImageMagick® for CentOS 8
  • Installer updates network services automatically in CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8 servers
  • Host Access Control interface update for CentOS 8 and CloudLinux 8 users
Experimental: ModSecurity3

Experimental: ModSecurity 3

We now provide ModSecurity 3.0 on an experimental basis. This new version supports servers that run both Apache® and NGINX. Important Note: NGINX only supports ModSecurity 3.0 on systems that run CentOS 7. This update provides new options for adding rulesets to your configuration and using standardized web hooks.

  • Add ModSecurity rules via RPM
  • Use a third-party RPM-based rule set.
  • New Standardized Hooks

Upgrade your server now to get WordPress Toolkit, plus test the new experimental features before moving to production. These updates are essential to keeping your business operating with supported software.

cPanel Release Site - Version 92

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