Announcing cPanel & WHM Version 94

We're excited to announce a new version of cPanel & WHM®! Some of the great new features are highlighted below.

Included in this version is full CentOS 8 and CloudLinux™ 8 support, improved account transfer functionality, a more welcoming interface panel for new users, plus updates to PowerDNS, Dovecot, and lots more!

CentOS 8 & CloudLinux 8 Support

CentOS 8 & CloudLinux 8 Support

Following extensive testing, we are pleased to now fully support both CentOS 8 and CloudLinux™ 8 operating systems with Version 94.

  • Full production environment support
  • The cPanel & WHM® installer also allows the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux repo
New User Welcome Panel

New User Welcome Panel

To help acclimate new users in becoming familiar with common and popular features, they'll be shown a helpful Welcome Panel upon login.

  • Displayed only to new users
  • Provides information on the features most frequently accessed by new users
Improved Transfers

Improved Transfers

Transferring between cPanel servers is much easier with new transfer scripts that stream a user’s home directory and MySQL® databases.

  • Two new command line scripts make it easier than ever to automate account transfers between servers

Upgrade your server now to enjoy these great new features and more! These updates are essential to keeping your business running with supported software.

cPanel & WHM Version 94 Release Notes

For more information on this release, check out the Version 94 Release Notes.

cPanel Release Site - Version 92

Visit the official Release Site for a full breakdown of the Version 94 release.

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