Don't lose any more customers to
SaaS-based WordPress providers!

WebPros presents a more user-friendly out-of-the-box WordPress solution, powered by cPanel.

  • Zero-barrier integration for cPanel partners, using your existing infrastructure.

  • Delivers a fast, high-performing, and reliable WordPress experience.

  • Fully API-driven and integrable with your own platform.

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Be the first to know!

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How it works

This new product will enable you to directly compete with SaaS-based WordPress providers, using your existing infrastructure, without any of the downside or operational trouble inherent to SaaS management.

With white-labeled go-to-market assets included, you'll be ready to hit the ground running!

A Better WordPress Experience

Grow your brand or business by directly competing with SaaS-based providers. The rise in popularity of these solutions presents a unique opportunity for you to leverage your existing infrastructure to deliver a fast and secure WordPress experience to your customers. This new product is easy to use for new users and will allow you to fully white label to your brand.

  • By leveraging cPanel's already high-capacity, high-performing software on your existing infrastructure with a performance focus purely on WordPress, you can easily implement this new product and begin generating revenue.
  • The interface is designed for even the most novice users to launch new WordPress websites in no time with little-to-no need for technical support from your team.
  • Professionally designed marketing assets for your use are included!

Fast, secure, and scalable WordPress hosting for everyone!