WordPress Toolkit Frequently Asked Questions

  • Business Operations
    • Why is WordPress Toolkit Deluxe now included with all cPanel licenses?

      cPanel launched WordPress Toolkit in 2020 as a premium WordPress management solution for our Partners. However, as WordPress continues to grow in popularity, we believe that an excellent WordPress management solution should be available as part of our core product offering.

    • When will these changes go into effect?

      Partners currently utilizing/offering WordPress Toolkit will see this update reflected on their September 2021 invoice; customers on their October 2021 invoice.

    • Can I still sell WordPress Toolkit?

      Of course. WordPress Toolkit will be a cPanel feature that you can choose to offer within your hosting plans just like any other cPanel feature.

  • Technical/Product
    • What kind of server configuration should I consider for WordPress Toolkit Deluxe?

      Hosting WordPress means providing optimized, reliable, and fast websites for your clients. Consider options like NGINX or LiteSpeed caching, site backups, and more. Additionally with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, your clients will be cloning their sites through Staging and Smart Updates; ensure that your hosting plans include the amount of disk space that theyโ€™ll require to fully utilize these features.

    • How will this change occur on server environments that have Deluxe and non-Deluxe WordPress Toolkit users? How can I control which accounts get access to Deluxe?

      We plan to leave both "WordPress Toolkit" (base product) and "WordPress Toolkit Deluxe" features available in WHM >> Feature Manager if you still prefer to offer them separately to your cPanel accounts.

    • Can WordPress Toolkit and other WordPress management applications coexist or are they negatively interfering with each other?

      The Scan feature of WordPress Toolkit can be used to identify all WordPress sites currently installed. These sites will be listed in WordPress Toolkit and can be managed using any of its many features. Old, out-of-date, and large sites can be problematic based on how compatible they are with the current state of WordPress.

      Most WordPress sites can be found and managed through WordPress Toolkit. Contradicting settings between multiple management tools could cause issues.

    • How will I receive access to the WordPress Toolkit Deluxe now included as a feature in cPanel & WHM?

      The best solution will be to upgrade WordPress Toolkit to the latest version on the date of the license change. If this is not possible, Manage2 will continue to provision licenses at a $0 USD cost for the short future. We will evaluate removal of this provisioning 30 days after the license change. For more information on your current WordPress Toolkit version and/or updating manually, please review this support article.