cPanel reviews its Privacy Policy twice each year.  During this review, we also reviewed the cPanel & WHM End User License Agreement (EULA).  This blog post summarizes these changes, but you should review both documents completely since they govern our relationship with you, and changes we don’t believe are material may be material to you.

Privacy Policy

  • Material changes
    • Paragraphs 1.4 and 7.5: Our Privacy Policy was revised to reflect the US / EU Privacy Framework.
    • Footnote 1: the definition of “Corporate Sites” was changed to include additional sites that provide information about cPanel products.  Corporate Sites are covered by the Privacy Policy.
    • Former paragraph 3.3 was deleted.  This paragraph discussed the “sale” of personal data.  The paragraph was added when the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was enacted.  At that time the term “sale” was not defined.  However, since the CCPA was enacted, the word has become more defined.  Under this definition, and most traditional definitions, cPanel does not sell personal data.
    • Paragraphs 22.3 and 22.5: these paragraphs were revised to reflect that we will transition away from Google Analytics in the future.
    • Schedules 1, 2 and 3 were updated to reflect changes in the products and software that are incorporated into cPanel & WHM. 
      • Mixpanel was added as analytics software.
      • AccessiBe, BugHerd, CookieBot, HubSpot, and various Microsoft products,  were added to our cookie disclosure.
      • Foleon, CAKEPHP were deleted.
  • Nonmaterial typographic, formatting and syntax changes were made.


  • Material changes
    • The EULA was revised to include third party software products that function as plug-ins.  cPanel will soon offer “Site Quality Monitoring” and “Site Builder” within cPanel & WHM.  These plug ins are powered by Koality and Sitejet respectively.  Changes were made to the definition of “Software” (Paragraph 1.18) and to add definitions for these products.
      • Terms specific to Site Quality Monitoring are in paragraph 10.1
      • Terms specific to Site Builder are in paragraph 10.2
    • Paragraph 1.12: “End User” was defined.
    • Paragraph 1.11: “Effective Date” was defined.
    • Paragraph 2.9  Some new plug ins may be installed automatically.  This paragraph describes the “automatic activation” of these plug ins.
    • Paragraph 3.1: cPanel’s ownership rights in intellectual property was clarified.
    • Paragraph 6.2.1: “Edge Software” was added to the definition of Beta Software.
    • Paragraph 7.2: A liability limit was set for products licensed to customers at no charge.
  • Nonmaterial typographic, formatting, clarification and syntax changes were made.