We have released cPanel & WHM® Version 88 and it’s packed with some exciting long-awaited updates. These include MySQL® 8 support, upgrading to Roundcube 1.4 webmail with responsive mobile themes and Calendar and Contacts Support (CCS) and the inclusion of free ImunifyAV protection for your server. We’re going to take a deeper dive into some of the other useful updates included in Version 88 in this article. 

Here’s a list of other improvements in Version 88: 

  1. Streamlined Indexes Interface
  2. Streamlined Directory Privacy Interface
  3. Added Public DNSKEY record display interface
  4. Automatic Updates
  5. MySQL Upgrade Checker
  6. MysqlDump Stream Improvements
  7. MySQL now streams during account transfers in WHM®
  8. Wildcard reduction support for AutoSSL

Additional Updates Bring Value By Streamlining Interfaces

Version 88 includes updates to the interface of several different parts of cPanel & WHM. You’ll see a more streamlined experience within the Directory Privacy Interface, which can be found under cPanel >> Home >> Files >> Directory Privacy.  This includes allowing cPanel® users to set the privacy permissions for all subdirectories within a directory with a single click. Learn more about Streamlined Directory Privacy in the release notes.

We’ve added some improvements to the Indexes Interface that can also be found under cPanel >> Home >> Files >> Directory Privacy. This includes the inherit and Show Filename and Description index settings. These are also described in the Version 88 release notes.

You can now find a domain’s public DNSKEY records in two places. They are in WHM’s DNS Zone Manager Interface, which can be found in WHM >> Home >> DNS Functions >> DNS Zone Manager,  and also in cPanel’s Zone Editor Interface, which can be found in cPanel >> Home >> Domains >> Zone Editor.More information is available in the Version 88 release notes.

Simpler Administration With New Update Features

It’s easier than ever to keep your cPanel & WHM server up to date! We have added the ability to re-enable automatic updates via the Upgrade to Latest Version Interface, which can be found in WHM >> Home >> cPanel >> Upgrade to Latest Version. Learn more in the release notes for this feature.

In Version 88, we are also adding the MySQL Upgrade Checker to the product. This application checks if an upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to 8.x will work on the MySQL configuration file and table engine, and is located in MySQL/MariaDB® Upgrade interface in WHM >> Home >> SQL Services >> MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade. Learn more in the version 88 release notes.

Added AutoSSL and Stream Improvements to Multiple Interfaces

cPanel & WHM integrators can now call the MysqlDump stream using a WHM API token. Please note that only System Administrators or root-enabled resellers can access the WHM MysqlDump stream. Find out more about the MysqlDump Stream in the release notes.

MySQL now also streams during account transfers in WHM. When an account is transferred via WHM’s Transfer Tool interface found in WHM >> Home >> Transfers >> Transfer Tool or the Copy an Account From Another Server With an Account Password interface found in WHM >> Home >> Transfers >> Copy an Account From Another Server With an Account Password, the system streams the MySQL dump if streaming is available

And last, but not least, we’ve added wildcard reduction support for AutoSSL in Version 88. This feature is only available for AutoSSL’s Let’s Encrypt pluginRead more about wildcard reduction support for AutoSSL in the release notes for Version 88.

All these and more are available now in cPanel & WHM Version 88

Upgrading your server to the newest version has never been easier, and is essential for ensuring your business is operating with supported software. If you are ready to upgrade, visit our Version 88 page for more information. We’d love to hear from you about Version 88, so please join us on Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram to continue the conversation.