The new year is here and with it comes a new round of updates for cPanel & WHMยฎ. While we’re just now rolling out Version 86, now is the time to take action. With the release of Version 88, we will start removing cPanel API 1 functionality, and any custom code or integrations using these calls will no longer work. 

Why is the API 1 functionality being removed?

The cPanel API 1 system is outdated and inconsistent from API call to API call, so we’ve steadily been adding their functionality to UAPI to replace them, and continuing work on uniting our APIs into one system. This not only simplifies the process of integration but also provides improved functionality moving forward. The new UAPI also has additional features to help manage data returned from API requests.

What can I do to ensure functionality?

We strongly recommend that server administrators update their custom integrations to use the new UAPI instead of cPanel API 1 before upgrading to Version 88. You can also use cPanel API 2 if a UAPI equivalent is not available. If you rely on plugins that use cPanel API 1, you should contact the maintainers to ensure that the plugins are updated to UAPI, so they are compatible after Version 86.

Since Version 86 is the new LTS (Long Term Support) tier, you can also switch your release tier to LTS to stay on Version 86 for a more extended period.

How is cPanel helping with this transition?

We have added tools within Version 86 that detect usage of the API 1 calls planned for removal and logs them on the server. System administrators will receive notifications via the Contact Manager system that includes which custom interfaces need to be updated.

For those that have a large number of servers that are monitored through automation, we have added two new WHM API 1 calls, get_api_calls and get_api_pages, that can be integrated into the server management software to monitor cPanel API 1 usage across their fleet.

Want Additional Information?

You can reach us through any of our social channels for discussion, and you can contact us through our Slack or Discord channels, our cPanel forums, and our official cPanel subreddit. Be sure to subscribe to the cPanel Essentials Briefing List to receive emails about important updates, and check out the Up Next hub for further details!