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The use and sharing of certain personal data may be regulated by local laws where you live. cPanel respects the rights of our users regarding the use of their personal data. You can read our Privacy Policy to see how we use this information to create a better experience for you or request removal of your personal data below.

Click here and select “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” to submit your request to opt out of the sale of your information.  Please review the definition of the term “sale” in our privacy policy here.  If you opt out of the sale of information, we may be unable to provide services to you if your request not to sell information includes a prohibition on processing payments for the products you purchase.

Upon successful processing of your request, we will stop selling your personal information to third parties.

Please note that opting out of the sale of your personal information will not include the following:

  • when we alert third parties of your request to opt out of the sale of your personal information,
  • when the sharing of your personal information is necessary to perform a business purpose and your personal information is not further collected, sold or used except as necessary to perform that business purpose, and
  • when your personal information is transferred as part of an asset in a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, or other change of control of our business.

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