About the Partner Asset Library

cPanel is committed to your success as our partner. That's why we've created a collection of resources, collateral, assets, and tools for you, to help you grow your business: the Partner Asset Library!

WP Toolkit for cPanel - Assets

A variety of content and assets available to you to help build your marketing and communications for WP Toolkit promotions.

Getting Started Guide

Installation guide with server requirements and instructions on how to assign licenses in Manage2.

Product Sheet

A list of WP Toolkit feature descriptions which are categorized by efficiency, convenience, and security.

Feature Comparison

An overview of the key features and differences between WP Toolkit Lite and WP Toolkit Deluxe.

Product Interface

High-quality product images available for marketing materials such as landing pages, blogs and social.

Security Brief

A summary of the key features within WP Toolkit to enhance security for your WordPress instances.

Technical Brief

A case study demonstrating performance improvements enabled with cPanel & WP Toolkit.

Introduction to WP Toolkit for cPanel

WP Toolkit for cPanel is packed with features to manage multiple WordPress sites. Keep your installations secure, manage WP themes and plugins, and more.

Installing WordPress

Discover how WP Toolkit simplifies the installation and configuration of your new WordPress website. Enable automatic updates for your WordPress core files, plugins, and themes, all with a couple of mouse clicks.

Manage Plugins

With the WP Toolkit dashboard, you can enable, disable, install, or uninstall plugins and themes for one or all of your WordPress sites. Choose a new plugin or theme from a list of WordPress-suggested options.

Security Features

Prioritize and customize your WordPress site security using WP Toolkit! Customize your security features with recommended measures, or choose only the options you want.

Important! Read first:

When using the Partner Asset library tools, it's important that you use the cPanel's brand elements consistently. This will make sure that your efforts match cPanel's standards and are the same for all parties across platforms.

cPanel Brand Guidelines

Here's where you'll find the guidelines for using cPanel brand names, keywords, logos, typefaces, and other design elements in advertisements, newsletters, campaigns, and other online communications.

cPanel Logo Kit

All of our logos in one place!

Product Images

High-quality product images and screenshots to showcase the cPanel & WHM interface.

Product Highlights

A product overview showcasing the features and benefits of cPanel & WHM that you can use in your marketing and communications. Feel free to mix and match sections based on what is most important to your users.

Sample Customer Communication

Example text and messaging to use online, which can be tailored to your own brand's voice and messaging to make it your own. This will get you started on highlighting cPanel & WHM on your website or landing pages as part of a marketing campaign.

cPanel Power Badges

Display these badges on your website, ads, or social media posts in order to let your audience know that you are aligned with cPanel and a trusted Partner of ours. These badges are also a great asset for use by our MDF Partners.

Downloadable Logos

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