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Partner Growth Program Benefits

Grow with new customers

  • Unlock the power of SaaS.
  • Reach new markets with monitoring, site building, and SEO tools that leverage the expertise of the industry-leading WebPros ecosystem.
  • Expand your client base and increase revenue.

Grow with existing customers

  • Upsell and cross sell to your existing customer base.
  • Increase your revenue and customer lifetime value by deepening your relationships.
  • Diversify your offerings and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Get marketing support

  • Enjoy access to the WebPros Partner Library.
  • Utilize and customize ready-made and white-labelled marketing assets, including landing pages, sample communications, and additional creatives for each product.
  • Roll out products with a proven go-to-market strategy to kickstart your sales.

Get your reward

  • Get back 4 times incremental sales for each product, earning while you grow.
  • Automatically receive funds for each month at the end of the quarter.
  • Use your new funds to scale your business even more!

Eligible WebPros Products

Grow faster with the WebPros Partner Growth Program. Discover new and innovative products to add to your reseller arsenal.

WebPros Partner Growth Program FAQ

First, complete the form on this page to pre-register. Once you've pre-registered to be eligible for the program, a member of your account management or partner success team will reach out to you in the next few days to discuss the next steps and share additional information.
As a partner of cPanel, once you sign the agreement and integrate WPGP products, you can kickstart your sales using the ready-made marketing assets tailored to your end users. At the end of each quarter, the incremental sales for each month are calculated and multiplied by four (4) and remitted to you as co-marketing funds.
First, fill out the form on this page to pre-register.
  • Then, an account manager or member of the partner success team will contact you to provide further information about qualification.
  • Once you qualify for the program, you'll need to sign an agreement with cPanel.
    After signing, you'll receive instructions on the integration steps and exclusive access to download the ready-made marketing assets for rolling out the products to your end-users. You can white-label the marketing assets upon receipt.
If any monthly or quarterly calculation results in a negative amount, that amount will be recorded and balanced against the next months'/quarters' incremental sales. Any negative amount at the end of the program will NOT need to be paid back to cPanel but will be deducted from the subsequent positive balance earned.
You must be a cPanel partner, qualify for the program, sign the WPGP agreement, integrate the products in your sales process using marketing assets, and show monthly growth in revenue (fully paid) on the eligible products.
  • Among the marketing assets, you are required to use the provided landing pages with direct links from your main website/product menu and promote the products within your own channels. A white-label option is available.
Additional steps we encourage you to take, for which we can help with the marketing assets, include (but aren't limited to):
  • Newsletter or email marketing with links to the provided product landing pages.
  • Supporting products with additional visibility on your website and internal customer portals (banners, pop-ups, slide-ins, limited-time offers, auto-ticket replies, etc.).
  • Introducing the product for upsell and cross-sell in your checkout screens.
  • Conducting paid digital campaigns (e.g., Google Ads) and social media campaigns to promote the eligible WPGP products.
  • Informing and motivating your sales and customer support teams to promote the products.
  • Creating (and/or using the ready-made assets) content to further support incremental sales (e.g., blog articles, case studies, customer testimonials, tutorials, videos, etc.).
  • Using WPGP eligible product marketing assets to promote during industry events.
We do encourage you to use the funds to support incremental sales for WPGP eligible products so you can keep on earning 4X your efforts.
Upon qualification for the WebPros Partner growth program and signing of cPanel DMDF Addendum, cPanel will allocate funds to qualifying partners based on the following calculation:
  • Partner's paid license revenues to cPanel for DMDF Eligible Products in the month of the DMDF Effective Date will serve as the fixed starting point for the calculation of Partner's monthly difference in related monthly license revenues during the DMDF Term. At the beginning of every calendar month thereafter and during the DMDF Term, cPanel will analyze Partner's licensing performance with DMDF Eligible Products and compare such performance with the result of the previous calendar month.
  • The resulting difference (the "Growth") will be multiplied by four (4) to calculate the resulting DMDF for that month. Such DMDF will be recorded by cPanel month- by-month, accordingly.
  • In the event of Partner declining in revenues with DMDF Eligible Products compared to the previous calendar month (negative Growth), the same multiplication will be performed for the decline and the resulting negative DMDF will be recorded by cPanel. For the avoidance of doubt, negative DMDF results will not have to be paid back to cPanel. Such negative results will only remain in Partner's account at cPanel and can be balanced by subsequent positive DMDF in the following calendar quarter(s). See example calculations attached hereto for reference.
  • This calculation will repeat for every month within a calendar quarter. After the end of each calendar quarter, the resulting positive and/or negative DMDF will be summed up and paid to cPanel Partner, provided that the quarter result shows a positive DMDF in favor of cPanel Partner.
  • The DMDF result will be communicated to Partner at the beginning of each calendar quarter for the previous calendar quarter and Partner will submit and according tax invoice to cPanel (in a format acceptable to cPanel) for positive DMDF results. cPanel will pay all non-disputed DMDF invoices to Partner within 30 days from invoice receipt.
  • For the avoidance of doubt and for clarity, the DMDF calculation as described above will only be made by cPanel on basis of license revenues, actually received by cPanel from Partner for DMDF Eligible Products. Fixed fee arrangements, monthly minimum commitments, or gap amounts, charged on Partner's regular licensing invoice by cPanel are not considered under the DMDF calculation.

Insert 4 calculation table examples from https://webpros.com/webpros-partner-growth-program/
  • *At the end of each quarter the sums will be calculated for a payout.
  • Payouts will be calculated following payment of WebPros billing invoices and quarterly calculation of funds after the discounts are used.
  • WebPros Partner Growth funds are only calculated based on License usage, not Gaps/Commitments.
  • WebPros Partner Growth Program term is minimum 1 year and it will get renewed automatically.
  • Fair use clauses are valid upon agreement
  • Licenses, offered free of charge or as part of a short-term (3 months or shorter) trial promotion by Partner will not be considered under the DMDF calculation.
WPGP is valid for a minimum of 1 year and will get renewed automatically. However, cPanel will continuously monitor Partner's performance of its market activities and reserve the right to terminate this DMDF Addendum at any time via written notice to Partner.

In the event Partner does not perform in accordance with the terms or otherwise breaches the terms and conditions of the agreement, cPanel reserves the right to stop any DMDF calculation and terminate the program.
  • For VPS/Bare Metal/Dedicated servers, Partners should include 360 Monitoring in the VPS creation process or VPS order process, pre-selected.
  • XOVI NOW should be positioned in the website creation process with the claim "Improve Search Engine Position" or similar.
  • Sitejet should be positioned as a solution for agencies rather than just a site builder.
  • koality should be positioned as a website quality monitoring solution (it can also be sold with shared hosting since it does not include server monitoring).
  • SolusVM 2.0 should be positioned as a solution for running hosting services based on VMs and containers.
Absolutely! With WPGP, we provide training and assistance. Our Sales Engineers will be available to assist you with your inte gration needs and ensure you have all the necessary help to effectively start selling under WPGP.
You can integrate WPGP products with Manage2 or WHMCS.