This is a guest blog post provided by the CloudLinux Team! CloudLinux is an alumni sponsor and exhibitor at the annual cPanel Conference.  


We all know that layered security is best practice in server protection.

Imunify360, the all-encompassing security product from CloudLinux, recently made significant feature upgrades to its multi-layered security. It has improved the way it stops malware and protects your Linux servers from nearly all kinds of attacks.

This new update is Proactive Defense, and it’s available to all cPanel customers.

Imunify360 blocks attacks with a combination of technologies: signature-based detection, real-time behavior analysis, and herd immunity, where threat intelligence insight is gathered from servers around the world.

If you’re a web server owner, Imunify360 is essential in today’s evolving malware threat landscape. Your security strategy stays robust and stable, adapting to rapidly changing threats as they develop. Gone are the days of harsh changes to defense tools and the constant swapping of one antivirus solution for another.

You can learn more about layered security by joining this cPanel event session where Igor Seletskiy, CEO of CloudLinux, will take a deep dive into how Imunify360’s multiple defense layers deliver the best protection for shared hosting servers. He’ll also cover kernel protection, the meaning of herd immunity in intelligent firewalls, Imunify360’s new malware scanning and cleaning feature, Proactive Defense, and explain how everything works in detail. Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to peek inside this remarkable security solution.

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Igor and his team will also be at the CloudLinux booth where they’ll be happy to meet and talk with you. Or you can schedule a one-on-one discussion by contacting us at


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