The annual cPanel Conference is headed home to vibrant Houston, TX! Attracting attendees from around the globe, you will get an exclusive opportunity for personal development, intense learning, and the best networking events in the industry. While we believe that there are countless reasons why you should attend the cPanel Annual Conference, we’ve managed to narrow it down to five.

Hear from the experts

Our speakers are industry experts, cPanel employees, and thought leaders in our community. Also, as an attendee, you will have direct access to real, breathing, human cPanel employees.

“I’m interested in learning more about new features in upcoming releases, integrated 3rd party apps, and cPanel University. As someone who runs the Customer Support Center for a cPanel web hosting provider, I want to make sure my agents have the knowledge and best resources available to assist our customers. I hope to use what I gained from the conference to pass down on to my team.” – Brian DeLancey DNC Holdings, Inc.

Learn skills and stay up-to-date

Whether you work in operations, as a developer, or as a system administrator, cPanel’s Annual Conference will leave you informed, entertained, and ignite your creativity. No matter how long you’ve been in web hosting or what position you hold at your company, chances are there is still something you need to learn.

“I just took over as the head of Product for HostGator, so in addition to seeing some old friends and colleagues and some informal networking, I also want to understand better where cPanel is going as it pertains to our own medium- and long-term strategies.” – Sean Dundon – Hostgator

cPanel University Certification

Attendees have the option to take an exam and earn a 2018 Conference Edition Certificate of Achievement. This certification is only available at the conference. Bonus: You will have the opportunity to sit down with the cPanel University Team and have all your questions answered in person!

Meet with Sponsors and Exhibitors

Our sponsors and exhibitors are easy to find, right outside the Ballroom. Each booth is full of industry experts and solution-providers who truly what know is happening in the world of web hosting and data center management. The best part: they are all here to answer your questions.

Have Fun with Friends Old and New!

Let’s be honest – the annual conference is a lot of learning packed into a short amount of time. But you’ll also have opportunities to relax, catch up with old friends, and connect with new friends. cPanel hosts some of the best evening events around, and we have a lot in store for you. This is an energetic, 3 night, 2-day event set against the backdrop of cPanel’s home of Houston, TX. You’ll have no shortage of activities to fill your schedule!

Register and Book Your Room Now!

You can register for the conference now! Any cPanel partners should reach out to their account manager for their free ticket code. If you haven’t already, make sure you book your room through our conference link! Doing so gives you a discounted room rate (only until September 8th!), and makes sure your room is associated with the conference (which helps us keep ticket costs low).

If you want to talk about the conference more, or want to talk about anything else, find us on the cPanel ForumsSlackDiscord, or our very own subreddit- /r/cPanel!