We’ve had a lot of changes this week at cPanel. Even the weather changed, though I’m sure it’ll be back to ‘hot shower’ humidity in a couple of days.

In major news? 11.34 is going into RELEASE tier on Monday. This has a ton of changes and improvements. Don’t worry, they’re not scary changes, they’re pretty much going to be really beneficial. Email archiving, a better user interface, all good things!

We started planning already for 2013 cPanel Conference. As someone who has only witnessed New Orleans in that crazy movie where Ashley Judd’s husband frames her for his fake murder, I’m looking forward to actually seeing it. I’ll be okay if Ashley Judd is there though, she’s been MIA. Where was I? New Orleans is going to be amazing!

In other news, there’s been some issues with Phishing Emails. Travis wrote a very informative article that you can check out here: http://blog.cpanel.net/gone-phishing/ .

Minor news? Well, there’s construction occurring on the second floor for some brand new offices. There’s a slight down side; the elevators are covered in protective tarps and my imagination creates a different terrifying scenario whenever I get in one. This isn’t necessarily the elevator’s fault, I also used to pretend a shark was chasing me in my backyard pool growing up.

Everyone have a great weekend! We’re very excited for the release of cPanel & WHM 11.34, and we hope you are too!