Dear [Name of the world’s best boss],

cPanel is having their annual conference from October 1st through October 3rd, and I think it would be very beneficial to the company for me to attend.

As you know, cPanel has significantly increased the speed with which they develop new features and release new versions. They’ve released four new major versions each of the last three years. Increasing my knowledge of the cPanel & WHM software is crucial to maximizing the use of my time as [title]Being able to attend sessions given by leading knowledge experts in the industry will help me achieve thatI have the opportunity to go to sessions and learn about what features and improvements are comingI can chat with Developers, Technical Analysts, Migration Team members, Account Management and the Community Team as well! I’ll be learning from cPanel experts that work on the product every day!

Another big draw is the networking I’ll be able to do, and the chances I’ll get to talk about [the place where you work] with people in our industryUnlike other industry events, the cPanel Conference intentionally plans networking events each night for the entire group of attendeesThe evening events, while just as beneficial, are a more informal atmosphere where I will be able to interact face-to-face with those same experts againThis gives me the chance to pick their brain about [insert thing that your boss wants to be fixed, but that you haven’t figured out how to fix yet].

I know, there’s some cost involved, but cPanel has arranged for discounted rates at The Westin Galleria Hotel hosting the conference, and the ticket is only $199 (or if we’re a partner I can get in for free)I can [take a shuttle from the airport instead of a cab, drive if it’s a short distance instead of fly, run if it’s an even shorter distance, jetpack if you’re Elon Musk, ride a hoverboard a la Marty McFly….], and cPanel provides transportation to events. Breakfast and lunch are included, and events include drinks and snacks in the evening. Overall, the small cost of going to the cPanel Conference is nothing compared to the value we’ll get from gaining new industry contacts, knowing the latest cPanel news, and being able to represent [where you work] to the entire industry. is where you can see everything that they offer, and the sessions I would get to attend.

[Depending on the culture of your company and relationship with your boss, insert the acceptable level of requesting to go once more. Vary between “Seriously, PLEASE” to “Thank you for considering; I look forward to your response!”]

[Your Name]


Come and join us at the 2018 cPanel Conference located at our home base of Houston, Texas!  Check out the trailer for this year’s conference! Come join the discussions on SlackDiscord, and Reddit!