cPanel’s support teams thrive on customer feedback. We work hard to ensure that we are meeting our customer’s expectations and providing them with the best experience. That begins with us trying to understand our customer’s reactions to the support that we provide. The best means of doing that is via our feedback system. We’ve decided to make a few changes to how customers leave feedback for our Technical Support and Customer Service teams.

cPanel loves feedback

If you’ve worked with our support department before, you may have seen our feedback system already. We provide a slider scale with ratings 1-10, and you choose a numerical value that reflects your experience with that support representative. We use your feedback to train ourselves, provide insight to development teams on customer needs, and to ensure we are offering our customers the service they need.

Unfortunately, using a 1 – 10 rating system isn’t always a clear indicator of a customer’s sentiment. We want to understand how you feel about the experience you have with our support staff.

We want a more universal feedback system

To better understand your feedback, we want to change how you provide us feedback. To start, we are looking at introducing a more simplified system. Instead of a 1-10 scale, we will introduce a three-tiered system:

  •     Good
  •     Neutral
  •     Bad (oh no!)

We expect that improving the subjective rating options will be more beneficial when analyzing a customer’s experience.

We would like to represent these emotions as an icon set, but we are not quite sure which icons fit best. As such, we are conducting some tests on a few different ideas to try and see which representation is universal and globally accepted.

We have already begun A/B testing user’s preferences with faces and arrows in the lead, but we’d love to hear your thoughts firsthand. We hope to come to a final solution in December. To discuss more in-depth, or to weigh in with your own opinion, join the conversation on SlackDiscord, or the Official cPanel subreddit.