First, we want to assure you that we are here to support you and your business during this time of uncertainty. We are implementing our tested plans to keep operations up and running, and our goal remains to continue with uninterrupted operations and service to our Partners and customers.

Adjusting to the current COVID-19 situation has been a task that everyone across the world has had to deal with. cPanel has been no different, and we understand our role and responsibility to our customers, colleagues, and community. 

Remote Support Across the Company

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, cPanel took the initiative early and fast to move the entire staff to a remote work environment to protect our employees. Our infrastructure, which supports hundreds of remote workers, is robust and reliable and we’ll still be providing the same level of support and service you are accustomed to. Whether through our Ticket SystemDiscord, our Forums, or our official subreddit, we are available to answer your questions and provide any support you may need. We understand that businesses are experiencing disruption at this time, so we want to give a solid backbone of support to help you and your company.

Suspending Travel

While we’re disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to meet our partners and community at our planned industry events, we understand the seriousness of the situation. We are actively doing our part to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 including Social Distancing, which means we’re canceling all business-related travel and events for now.

Doing Our Part

We are following along with the World Health Organization’s guidelines for COVID-19 and are encouraging you to join us and do your part as well. If you notice any of the common symptoms (dry cough, fever, shortness of breath), self-isolate and follow the directions of your local health authority. WHO’s website has reliable information on how to stay safe, updates according to location, and trusted guidance moving forward.

Extending Version 78 Support

In order to give our community time to focus on preparations for COVID-19, we have extended the support window for Version 78 (the LTS version prior to 86) to May 4th, 2020. Version 78 will be the only cPanel & WHM version to receive an extension, as Version 86 (currently in STABLE tier) will be the only new version to enter the LTS tier in 2020. Our End of Life policy remains in place and Version 78 will continue to function after the EOL date is reached, however it will not receive any further updates, security fixes and installations, and will no longer receive support. We understand the difficulties our community is facing at this time and wanted to provide a greater window of time to make necessary software updates. 

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and return to normalcy, we will need to help each other out and work together. Stay healthy and safe and make sure to follow official local and international guidelines. We’re here to support you along the way.